Guest Post: Home Window Replacement verses Window Repair by: Apex Window Werks

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This is a guest post provided by, a company that provides window repair and replacement service. Apex Window Werks is an Elk Grove Village located company with over 8 years of experience, servicing the entire Chicagoland region.

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To window replace or not to is one of then often asked questions homeowners are faced with when having to re-look their damaged, aged or outdated windows. Whatever the reason may be, both decisions to replace or repair comes with their own set of pros and cons as outlined further.

A Modern dilemma

Presumably you live on a golf course and on another unfortunate day a hole in one is not quite the case when a golf ball ends up in your living room instead. Shattering through windows you need to establish if a repair is warranted over a replacement.

Key questions would be to assess the state of the pane pertaining to rot, as well as the likelihood of a secure repair over an entire window replacement. For some, a broken window is a good time to re-look the aesthetic of the window replacement.

Timber Window Repair

Energy efficient materials together with cost effective work forces readily available to ensure the quick installation of a new designed, well insulated and crisp feel of a new installation of a window replacement. The results being a revamped and rejuvenated window feature together with a lower energy bill.

The flipside of replacement windows being that old window panes also have a “vintage” feel to a home that once replaced, to one’s mind, can never be quite the same. When a single pane window of a classic old home with original fixtures and fittings are still intact has to be replaced, the feeling could result in a lower sell price of the home when having to disclose not all fittings are original.

Depending on how old the home is, how well matched the replacement is and the number of replaced windows there are, could warrant a discounted sale price.

The Business of Windows

Windows also prove to be serious business! So much so that various window based forums are formed and dedicated to window preservation. The formation of governing authorities are known to collaborate, contribute and document material towards the preservation, history, guiding principles, weatherization of window impact and many other window related matters.


This can be found, for example, in the Window Preservation Standards book which saw the culmination of more than 100 window specialist across the United States and Canada come together to impart their window expertise and insights.

To Replace or to Repair?

All in all, it’s safe to say that there are fundamental pros and cons to be stated for a window replacement and window repair. The obvious pro to a window repair is historic preservation, architectural significance and lower cost impact. The con being hard to source authentic expertise to repair the damage securely.

On the other hand, to replace a window and/or pane allows for architectural redesign and a revamp at a cheaper cost to that of a total home redevelopment. Homeowners also get to contribute to nature using sustainable materials and in commissioning smaller enterprises, empowering smaller business owners. The ongoing term benefits also reflect in lower energy bill as a result of better insulated windows.