Book Review: The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum (Book 1) by: Kirsten Weiss

“A quirky murder mystery with plenty of small town charm.”—ForeWord Reviews

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After reading a review of The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum, I was intrigued and had to get my hands on this one! It is always very exciting finding books that involve all the topics you love in just the title – paranormal, museums… and a black cat on the cover!

The review I mentioned did point out that certain aspects of the narrative were a bit irritating: for example, the police officer’s extreme and unexplained (at least not until later on in the book anyway) hatred for our main character, Maddie. I did have to agree – this element of the story did seem a trifle petty and childish, which I guess was the Author’s intention however, I did find myself rolling my eyes every single time said police officer striked up a conversation with Maddie and threw yet another strange accusation at her.

Aside from this, I did thoroughly enjoy this book. It was so exciting exploring the Paranormal Museum together with our main character and solving a historical mystery along the way. The Author presents a fun, light hearted and real narrative that not only keeps you guessing, but does leave you wanting to know more. I must also point out here that I have an annoying habit of always guessing “Whodunnit” halfway through a book or movie – The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum did though, have me guessing until the very end!

I did find Maddie to be not only a believable character, but also a lovable one at that. Her quirks, struggles and self consciousness were all things any female would relate to, from struggling to find work, to accepting that you’re friend is just prettier than you!

Suffice to say, I am thoroughly hooked on this series and the only disappointment I experienced was finding out I had to wait until next year for book two in the series!

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