Ebay Scam: Kmart Decor at triple the price!

In the world of budget decor, Kmart has certainly stepped up their game. The store now offers collections of homewares that follow all the latest trends, from your marble/timber accessories to gorgeous cushions and throws, making it super easy to create a new look in our homes that’s simple to change up next season!

Unfortunately, there’s always someone out there willing to take advantage of us as consumers; the latest scam on Ebay has Aussie sellers buying up items from Kmart’s decor collection, listing them as either ‘Unbranded’ or some sort of made up brand and selling them at triple the price.

Please be careful on Ebay and pay close attention to the brand and listing descriptions. These sellers are even using Kmart’s own images, ripped straight off of the Kmart website but still not stating that the item is part of Kmart’s ‘HomeMaker’ brand. If you are not listing the item’s real brand then this is against Ebay policy as it is misleading to the consumer.

Checkout the examples we were able to dig up after only a few minutes on Ebay!

Kmart Cow Hide Rug

Kmart Faux Cow Hide Rug – $49.00, $8-$10.00 postage

Cow Hide Rug_Ebay Scam

Ebay Scam – $95.00 + $22.00 postage

Kmart Ombre Fur Cushion

Kmart Ombre Faux Fur Cushion – $12.00, $8-$10.00 postage

Fur Cushion_Ebay Scam

Ebay Scam- $39.00, free postage

Marble Splice Cushion_Kmart

Kmart Marble Splice Cushion – $10.00, $8-$10.00 postage

Marble Splice Cushion_Ebay Scam

Ebay Scam – $32.50, free postage

*All above images are screenshots of items listed on Ebay and on Kmart’s own website.

Have you noticed any other scams on Ebay? We’d love to hear from you! Share your stories in the comments:


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