20 Incredible Ways to use Peppermint Oil

Always on the look out for everyday solutions to life’s little dramas, I recently started exploring the many uses of essential oils, both medicinal and for cost effective alternatives around the home. Peppermint oil has very quickly become my ‘go-to’ essential oil for so many things, from migraine relief to pest control so today, I thought I’d share some of the excellent every day uses I’ve found! Please feel free to add your own uses for Peppermint oil or other essential oils in the comments below!

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Recipe: Soft & Chewy Ginger Cookies

Who doesn’t love the amazing smell of baking! This is a recipe I put together from several different versions of it I found – each time I made it, I would tweak something else: a flavour or a quantity, until I got it just right! These cookies are soft and chewy and stay that way for up to a week; but, let’s face it: who would leave cookies this good lying around for a whole week!the-best-soft-chewy-ginger-cookies_by-diamond-interiors

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Product Review: Smeg 50’s Style 2 Slice Toaster

We bought ourselves a Smeg 50’s Style Toaster & we LOVE it!


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Top 10 Must Have Items for Every Home Baker!



There are certain items that every Home Baker needs in their kitchen, from stylish marble rolling pins to colourful and bright butterfly cupcake cups! Load up on your home baking essentials with our Top 10 Picks for every Home Baker from The Kitchen Warehouse – Australia’s favourite cookware retailer!


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What to do with my leftover ____? A Collection of Recipes for Leftovers

If you are anything like me, you hate the very idea of throwing away perfectly good food! I’m always looking to find ways to re-use and ‘recycle’ food in a way that doesn’t feel like you are having leftovers, giving you a fresh and delicious new dish every day!

Using fruit or veggies that are about to turn, stale bread that’s been sitting in the bread bin for a fortnight, leftover casseroles or roast potatoes, there are endless possibilities!

I spend way too much time Googling this and that, testing this recipe out and then this one, so I’ve decided to make it much easier: Together, we’ll compile an ever-growing directory of our favourite recipes for leftover food!

I will add more as I come across them and try them out; please also add your own recipes or links in the comments section below (I will include these in our list together with your name) so we can eventually have the mother of all leftover food directories! 


Happy Cooking!

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Super Creamy NO CHURN Ice Cream Recipe

There is nothing that I love more than a huge bowl of ice cream – I frequent every ice cream shop and every supermarket ice cream aisle on the hunt for the perfect tub. For me, perfect ice cream is super creamy, packs a punch in terms of flavour and is simply LOADED with extra goodies: crushed cookies, lollies, fudge, anything delicious! Unfortunately, I am constantly let down. That is until now: I’ve decided to make my own ice cream from scratch, exactly the way I want it!

No Churn Ice Cream Recipe by Diamond Interiors

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Beef, Mushroom & Cheese Pie Recipe

20141013_173919 I have been working on my Beef Pie Recipe for a ridiculously long time. I’ve tried every possible Aussie Meat Pie Recipe and am always left less than thrilled at the results: my pies would always be either too saucy, too meaty, too bland…. however, my dear readers… I think I’ve done it!

Yesterday, I found myself craving a meaty/cheesy combo so rather than sifting through recipes online, I decided that maybe, just maybe, I’ll see what I can whip up by myself! I took copious notes as I went along, one hand stirring and the other hand writing madly, and here’s what I have come up with: a complete bastardization of every meat pie recipe in existence that, in my humble opinion, tastes absolutely amazing!

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The Sweet Swap: Rich Mocha Fudge

Mocha Fudge pieces

This year, Diamond Interiors participated in the first ever Sweet Swap: an online event for Australian food & lifestyle bloggers with all proceeds donated to Childfund Australia. Registered bloggers were matched up with three other bloggers and posted out a sampler of a delicious new recipe to each.

 photo SSBADGE_zps2de55d46.gif

The event has been organised by: Sara McCleary of Belly Rumbles & Amanda Michetti of Chew Town, two very amazing food bloggers!

My three matches to send to were:

Belly Rumbles, Flick Your Food & Playing House.

I chose to make my matches some of my indulgent Mocha Fudge; a combination of my two favourite flavors, chocolate and coffee. Of course, always striving for that ‘something different’, I failed miserably the first time around; that’ll teach me! What I love about fudge is that it keeps very well. My ‘mistake’ batch was sitting around in the fridge for over a week before I stopped being mad at it and decided to eat it all up. Fudge is a super quick recipe, easy enough to make with the kids and tastes amazing!

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Cheesy Damper Recipe

Cheesy Damper

Damper is a traditional Australian bread, commonly prepared over the campfire. It is a beautiful treat that can be prepared using many different ingredients and is a lovely lunchbox snack that is quick and easy to make! I like my damper with a bit of a spicy kick to it so I’ve added chili, onion and garlic however, you can add any ingredients you like: leftover veggies such as mushrooms or spinach taste great in damper.

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Fabulous Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Brownies

My sister called my brownies “un-photogenic”… But let me tell you, these brownies are FABULOUS!! They taste exactly how I always imagined Williy Wonka’s chocolate river would taste like and better – I present to you dear readers, my ultimate chocolate brownie recipe! Super fudgy, moist and loaded with chocolate!

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Red Velvet Cupcakes


The loveliest, reddest and softest Red Velvet Cake you’ve ever tried. This recipe should give you about 24 lovely and moist cupcakes. Enjoy!

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