10 Christmas Recipes you can make ahead!

Get organised this year with these top 10 picks for make ahead Christmas recipes; Free up some space in your freezer and let’s get cooking!

If you’re anything like me, you spend way too much time and energy preparing your Christmas meal’s side dishes and desserts, only to end up frantically rushing to put together the main course. This year, I am determined to get ahead by preparing as many Christmas recipes in advance as I can safely squeeze into my freezer, leaving me all the time in the world to focus on the main event!

Side dishes, appetizers and desserts often chew up a fair amount of precious preparation time when you’re preparing a Christmas dinner. Getting them all sorted and carefully stashed away in the freezer allows you more time to prep your main course on the Big Day, leaving you more time to focus on your main dish as well as your guests.

Freeze-ahead Roasties

A staple in every Christmas dinner, crispy potato roasties are the perfect accompaniment to just about any main meal, from mouth watering slow cooked roasts to Aussie Christmas BBQ lunches. Add a generous sprinkle of chicken salt for a delightfully rich flavour.

Bejeweled Roast Vegetable Bake

No Christmas dinner is complete without a tray of delicious roast veggies to accompany your main dish. Use your favourite mix of vegetables to create this colourful bake, ready to go for the big day.

Cheese & Onion Rolls

A twist on the all time favourite sausage rolls, these cheese and onion rolls are simply scrumptious, especially when paired with tomato sauce. Get creative with your fillings: You can use your own favourite flavour combinations to personalise this recipe.

Mini Quiches

Christmas recipes - mini quiches
Recipe: Best Recipes

Another classic finger-food for any celebration, mini quiches are always a big hit! You can also customise this recipe to include any leftover veggies or meat from other Christmas recipes you are preparing, making the absolute most of your ingredients and minimising any potential food waste.

Greek Meatballs

Yummo! These incredibly tasty fried meatballs make for a delightful finger food option. Prepare your mixture, roll out into balls and freeze in a covered tray or Tupperware before defrosting completely, ready to be fried to perfection.

Feta Cheese Triangles

Another classic Greek treat, these buttery-crisp Feta Cheese Triangles are a perfect side dish or appetizer. Serve on a platter with your favourite dip and some celery and carrot sticks for the perfect combo.

Fluffy Dinner Rolls

What Christmas meal is complete without a side of fluffy dinner rolls? Brush with your favourite herbs and melted butter for added depth of flavour.

Frozen Mud Pie

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas in the blazing hot Aussie Summer or in snowy Europe, a delicious frozen chocolate mud pie will have your guests swooning!

Chocolate Roulade

Recipe: Good to Know

A delightful classic recipe that can be topped with your choice of seasonal fresh fruit, you simply cannot go wrong with a scrumptious Chocolate Roulade in your dessert spread. Sprinkle with a little icing sugar for that snowy Christmas touch!

Christmas Cookies

Recipe: That Skinny Chick Can Bake – For more delicious Christmas cookie recipes, checkout our top 6 picks here!

Christmas cookies make for the perfect sweet treat after the big meal is done. Each year, I like to prepare at least two different types of cookies for our dessert spread, saving loads of time by making the dough well in advance and storing it in the freezer until needed. Prepare your cookie dough, roll it out into a log and cover completely with cling wrap to store it in the freezer. When you’re ready to bake, simply defrost your Christmas cookie dough on the kitchen counter until its reached room temperature (it usually only takes about 20-30 minutes!), slice and bake!

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From our family to yours, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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