Materials & Finishes: Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo™ 5131

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In response to the popularity of Caesarstone’s latest colour, Calacatta Nuvo, we’ve put together a quick guide to this exciting new addition in Caesarstone’s catalogue to help you with your selection process!

Image courtesy of Pinterest
Image courtesy of Pinterest

After much excitement and anticipation, Caesarstone recently introduced their latest addition to their already impressive catalogue: Calacatta Nuvo. Being a quartz based composite stone, the Calacatta Nuvo allows you to have all the benefits of quartz with the look of a natural stone. Marble is renowned for its porous nature, its regular need for sealing, ease of staining and even cracking, however, a quartz based composite stone eliminates these issues while also giving you the look of a natural marble.

Why is this so exciting, you ask? After all, there are composite stones already on the market that look like marble. Well, the Calacatta Nuvo is the result of extensive research and ground breaking technology, ultimately paving the path for even more exciting and innovative things from Caesarstone! UPDATE: Caesarstone has added a further 8 colours to their already diverse range! Click here to view the new collection.

The Calacatta Nuvo boasts instant ‘wow factor’ with its bold, dramatic veining, almost perfectly mimicking the look and feel of a natural marble. It is strongly recommended that clients view the entire slab in all its glory in either a kitchen showroom or your local Caesarstone Showroom, as a small sample swatch or image is not a true indication of this stone.

Another factor to keep in mind when selecting your stone is the price point. The Calacatta Nuvo is priced a little higher than Caesarstone’s existing Supernatural Range however, if marble is your preferred look in the home then you cannot overlook the long term cost benefits of using Caesarstone’s Calacatta Nuvo in place of the real thing. As mentioned earlier, natural marble is prone to staining and cracking and will also require regular sealing; all these factors will contribute to the long term costs of a natural marble benchtop whereas, a composite stone alternative will not require such maintenance and ultimately, will be of greater benefit for your wallet!

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In terms of cleaning and maintenance, I find that warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth will always do the trick, however you will find Spray Cleaners and Wipes available at Caesarstone’s online store. Ensure you always refer to your warranty information for appropriate use of the product, and you shouldn’t have any dramas at all!

So, there we have it: our little review of Caesarstone’s latest contribution to the world of design! We’re already looking forward to seeing what will be next!

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UPDATE: Since posting this article, Caesarstone has outdone themselves again with a further 8 colours being introduced in 2016! Click here to view the new collection.

Caesarstone new colours 2016

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