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Luxurious sheepskin rugs make the ideal accessory in a living room, dining room or even in a bedroom. Imagine stepping onto a warm, soft sheepskin rug first thing in the morning. Buying this type of rug is quite easy to do especially if you shop online.

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Choose from different sizes, shapes and styles to suit any room such as:-

• Single pelt

• Curly wool sheepskin

• Sheepskin rugs made for babies

• Rectangular

• Round

• Two pelt end to end

Whichever rug you decide to buy, it’s sure to look absolutely fantastic wherever placed in your home. Check out the following handy hints, tips and advice:-

1. Why not add comfort and elegance to your living room with a beautiful sheepskin rug that’s ultra-soft with a lovely textural appearance? Usually available in white, sheepskin rugs will add class and compliment your present décor, so there’s no need to worry colours might clash. Sheepskin rugs are durable and soil-repellent, however it is important to use the correct cleaning products when they get a bit grubby. All hides are from the finest animals and available for you to buy at affordable prices. A stunning soft, sheepskin rug is all you need to transform the look of a room. They make a wonderful focal point, as well as being luxurious to the touch.

2. Always make sure the sheepskin rug you buy is of the highest grade. This means the quality of the wool should be dense with a good colour and feel.

There should be plenty of fibres per square inch with the pile of the rug being able to stay straight and upright. The length of the wool should be a minimum of 65 mm which helps to make the overall appearance look smooth. Although all rugs are usually white the shade should be more like a natural ivory colour with no discolouration or stains.

3. The feel of the rug is also important. High quality sheepskin is silky and soft to the touch. If placed in front of the fireplace in a lounge, you want the room to look its best, so opt for a luscious, soft textured sheepskin rug every time.

Do make sure the shape is right too. Find sheepskin rugs that have a full shape with a rounded neck area while feeling fluffy when stood on. All rugs go through a grading process before being sold so they meet various standards. There’s nothing quite like having a splendid sheepskin rug in your living room.

Children will love sitting on a warm, soft rug to watch TV while your pet is certainly guaranteed to sleep on the rug. Sheepskins rugs are usually a talking point with visitors too. Keep your rug in tip top condition by shaking it every now and then, vacuuming occasionally as well as cleaning when necessary. At the end of the day a great looking sheepskin rug always feels good and will never ever date.

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