10 Amazing DIY Furniture Hacks

Desperately searching for a fun weekend activity, I’ve been scouring Pinterest for DIY furniture hacks and I have not been disappointed! Here are my Top 10 picks of DIY furniture hacks found online; now to make time to test them all out!

DIY furniture hacks: Convert an Old Dresser into a Bathroom Vanity

If you are looking to add a unique, vintage touch to your new bathroom design scheme, you may consider upcycling an old dresser into a luxurious vanity unity. When designing your new bathroom vanity, you will want to consider the overall height of the unit (inclusive of the actual bathroom sink, especially if you are including an above counter basin) along with the pipe configuration below the sink. Once you have these areas carefully planned out, the rest is simple!

DIY furniture hacks_Dresser into Bathroom Vanity
A fabulous way to upcycle a tired storage unit; converting a dresser into a bathroom vanity unit will add a vintage touch to your new bathroom design scheme. Pinterest Link

DIY furniture hacks: Converting a Door into a Stylish Headboard

A modern headboard in the bedroom will provide the perfect finishing touch in your bedroom design scheme, offering a means to fill the blank space just above the bed for a completed look. Using a refreshed door will add a luxurious touch in your bedroom, allowing you the opportunity to create your own perfectly customised style.

DIY furniture hacks_Door into Headboard
A super luxurious headboard for your bed made of an old door – Genius! Pinterest Link

Convert a Door into a Picture Frame

Another interesting and unique way of upcycling an old door, the glass panels in the door pictured below are used to frame family pictures. A smart way of repurposing an older item!

DIY furniture hacks_Door into photo frame
Again using an old door, create this beautiful photo frame for a wonderful vintage touch in your home. Pinterest Link

Lace Patterned Furniture

Add a decorative and tactile quality to any tired piece of furniture using pieces of lace and a can of spray paint. This lovely looking DIY furniture hack is ideal for those looking to add a romantic touch in their home.

Convert a Drawer Unit into an Entertainment Unit

Chests of drawers are a popular choice when it comes to hacking your existing furniture as there are many different design possibilities available to you. The below example converts a chest of drawers into a modern, Hamptons style entertainment unit. Each drawer is removed and the unit is repainted as a whole, inside and out, to create a modern finish.

Chest of Drawers into Entertainment unit
This one was especially creative and caught my eye straight away. I love the idea of re-purposing old furniture you have no use for and this is a perfect example. Pinterest Link

Repurpose Old Tires into Pouffes

Old tires offer a fabulous solution for creating new indoor or outdoor pouffes using nothing more than rope. Although these textured pouffes would make a great addition to the living room, they may be best suited to outdoor areas where they will not be moved around as much as tires can be quite heavy!

DIY Furniture hacks_Outdoor Seating Ideas
Cheap, easy and fuss free! The only thing I’m worried about with these DIY Poufs is the weight factor  – I imagine these might be a little heavy to lug around a living space, otherwise they do look great. Pinterest Link

Filing Cabinet Makeover

Filing cabinets can appear very cold in a home environment; give your cabinet a modern makeover by adding a few simple touches and finishing it off with paint.

filing cabinet makeover
This is a smart idea to spruce up boring old filing cabinets; find a detailed frame that will suit your particular decor scheme. Pinterest Link

DIY Furniture Hacks: IKEA Ottoman Hack

Create your own custom ottoman using a few simple pieces! Choose your own fabric that will best complement your home’s overall colour scheme and create a set of cost effective ottomans for the living area or bedroom.

IKEA Ottoman Hack
Another super cheap and easy DIY idea – Most fabric stores sell offcuts for extremely low prices, allowing for an even more affordable solution when looking to add a personal touch to your home’s interiors. Pinterest Link

Convert Old Drawers into Wall Shelves

Yet another exciting project with an old chest of drawers! This time, the drawers themselves are repurposed to create an eclectic wall shelf, providing a unique solution that will add a vintage touch to your home’s interior design scheme.

Drawers into shelves
A unique idea that is perfect for a vintage inspired interior design scheme.  Pinterest Link