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A Review of Caesarstone’s Noble Grey

Caesarstone' Noble Grey is an extraordinary representation of a natural stone. Read our review on this product for more information.

We have experienced an increase in enquiries about Caesarstone, in particular their new addition to the Supernatural Ultra Range, Noble Grey, and thought we’d put together a review of this particular colour that may help in answering your questions.

A sample of Caesarstone’s latest colour Noble Grey on top of a printed image of the product – You will see the subtle differences in colour between the sample and the image as well as noting that the veins present in the image are not accurately represented in the sample piece. We do always recommend our clients visit a Caesarstone Showroom to view the full slabs as images and samples are not a 100% accurate representation of the product.

What is Caesarstone?

Caesarstone is an Engineered/Composite Stone, which means it is man-made using a combination of natural quartz, pigments and polymer resins. You will find a more thorough description of the manufacturing process here.

An emerging trend in the world of engineered or composite stone sees stone manufacturers such as Caesarstone creating products that will simulate the appearance of a natural marble without the added expense, maintenance and sensitivity that come with a natural stone product. Natural marble surfaces for example, are highly soft and porous, making them susceptible to stains, cracks and scratches.

Noble Grey is part of Caesarstone’s Marble collection: It is an excellent replica of a natural marble and has been increasingly popular!

A close up image of our sample of the product shows the soft white/grey background and just a touch of the bold veins featured in this amazing stone.

Curious about Caesarstone’s pricing? Checkout our budget guide here!

What splashback can I match with a Noble Grey benchtop?

This stone features a bold vein atop a smoky grey background. It lends itself well to whites, greys, timbers and charcoal coloured cabinetry , while also adding a luxurious finish to your design. This stone suits just about any style of home: from the super modern to the period style classic. Options for your splashback include:

  • Match your benchtop and splashback by using Noble Grey for both surfaces
  • Being a classic style, Noble Grey lends itself well to traditional subway tiles in a dove grey or off white hue
  • Mosaic tiles are fabulous choice here too! Metallic finishes, mother of pearl designs or sleek, glossy mosaic tiles would look especially fabulous paired with this stone
  • A mirror splashback may not be up everyone’s alley but it certainly looks incredible paired with Noble Grey! A traditional silver mirror or grey tinted mirror is the perfect choice
Caesarstone’s Noble Grey is pictured here used as both a benchtop and splashback for a seamless look in this modern kitchen. Image

What finishes are available in the Noble Grey?

As with all Caesarstone products, your choice in surface finish is limited: Noble Grey is only available in Caesarstone’s traditional “semi-gloss” type of finish which features a soft glossy surface. Unfortunately, this means you do not have the option of re-creating the look of a highly polished marble.

What is the difference between Caesarstone’s Noble Grey and real Marble?

Caesarstone’s surface is very smooth with a semi-gloss finish – you will not experience the finely textured surface of a natural marble nor are you able to adjust the level of glossiness in the stone as Caesarstone’s Noble Grey is only available in the single finish.

Although natural Marble is a luxurious and beautiful material, it does come with its own set of concerns: Marble by nature is very soft and porous. This makes the stone easy to scratch, crack or stain. Natural Marble surfaces do require regular attention in terms of cleaning and sealing: sealing the product is something that should always be performed by a professional, so there is this ongoing cost to consider.

Which is more expensive: Marble or Caesarstone?

In terms of price, a natural marble benchtop will be more expensive than the Caesarstone equivalent. The colour Noble Grey has been included in Caesarstone’s Supernatural Ultra Range, which is their most expensive collection due to the advanced technology employed in creating this particular colour and pattern.

Caesarstone’s Noble Grey: You will find that the veins displayed in the stone are highly varied and not repetitive, furthering the impression of a natural stone while the colours used do create a very realistic representation of the real thing. Image Source

In our opinion, Noble Grey is a very close representation of a natural marble benchtop with only a few differences, as outlined above. Although we do love marble, Caesarstone offers us all the beauty of this natural product without the associated costs and maintenance issues.

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18 comments on “A Review of Caesarstone’s Noble Grey

  1. Susan Johnston

    Hi I am going with Noble Grey for my countertop. I think it is beautiful. But I’m having a hard time deciding on the white colour for the cabinets. Do you think Noble Grey go better with cool white or warm white. Any suggestions based on what you have seen. ?? Is Benjamin Moore paint -White Dove too warm ?

    • Hi Susan, thanks for your comment! I don’t have a Benjamin Moore colour chart handy but from what I’ve seen online, it should look amazing paired with Noble Grey. It’s a fabulous stone, definitely one of my favourites! I have paired it with a few Dulux colours in the past that you may be interested in looking at too – I’ve found that Noble Grey pairs well with slightly warmer tones, as well as crisper whites if you’re wanting a bit more of a contrast. Have a look at Dulux’s: Grey Pebble 1/4 and half strengths, Vanilla Quake 1/4 and half strengths and Bleaches in 1/4 strengtg if you’re wanting to compliment the stone’s colouring. To contrast it however, while still sticking to the white family, try: Dulux’s Vivid White, Lexicon or White on White for some nice crisp whites! Best of luck with your kitchen project! 😊

  2. I have chosen a black glass as splashback in my new kitchen using Noble Grey as benchtops over white cupboards. Seeing that it is not your choices of splashback colours to go with Noble Grey. is making me question if I have done the right thing. If it isn’t, I will be so sad as it is too late to change! Splashback is being delivered tomorrow.

    • Hi Faye, Thank you for your comment – I’m sure your new kitchen will look absolutely amazing! I have listed a dark tinted mirror as one of my preferred splashback options (super similar to your black glass!) so I imagine your design will look incredibly sleek and glamorous! It’s always all too easy to start second guessing your decisions when renovating but rest assured, it does all come together in the end! 🙂

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  5. I am completely stumped on what to choose for our kitchen. White Dove countertops, pn hardware, stainless Galley sink, stainless appliances and pn lantern fixtures. Help! Is Noble Grey a contender a too grey? Any other suggestions for quartz that looks like marble but would work with cream cabinets? thx

    • Diamond Interiors

      Hi Lisa, Noble Grey is a very beautiful stone but may look a little too dark against cream cabinets I’m afraid! Some marble-look Caesarstone options that may match are: Statuario Maximus and Calacatta Nuvo. These two have a brighter white base than the Noble Grey and feature warm streaks in their veins, helping them pair well with warmer cabinetry colours. you could also try a different look with Bianco Drift which features a fabulous blend of greys and taupes. It can be difficult to tell without seeing your exact cabinetry colour though; you are more than welcome to drop us a line at: for more info!

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  7. I really love the Noble Grey. How do you feel it would work with light grayish cabinets with brass hardware, and Royal Satin White marble subway tile? Trying to find the best Caesarstone quartz countertop for that scheme!!!

    • Hi Sarah – Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been away! That sounds like a fabulous scheme, the Noble Grey would work very well with the classic elements of brass, grey and the traditional subways! Order yourself some samples of each item to see them all together and definitely visit your nearest Caesarstone showroom to view the full slabs – you’ll be surprised just how different they look when compared to photos and small samples! Feel free to shoot me an email at: if you have any questions or need some advice!

    • Did you go with noble grey? Do you have pictures? Thinking thr same thing.

      • Diamond Interiors

        Hi Jenn! Noble Grey is a fabulous option for your kitchen; I highly recommend you view the entire slab at your nearest Caesarstone showroom to make sure the colour and variation is to your liking before committing to it for your home. This review was for general info however, if I was renovating my kitchen at the moment, Caesarstone would definitely be one of my top options as a benchtop!

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