Benchtop Cheat-Sheet: Caesarstone’s Pricing Explained

Caesarstone’s pricing is a topic that is brought up all too often and the answer isn’t quite as straight forward as “It costs $x per slab of stone”. There are many variables involved that mean the final price will vary immensely depending on several factors, from the exact colour or style of stone you select, to the thickness, edge profile and of course, quantity of stone required for your individual project.

EDIT: These figures are to my knowledge, correct as at 4th July 2020.

When starting out on planning your new kitchen, putting together a realistic budget can be quite the challenge. Your project’s final cost can vary immensely depending on several factors; your selection of finishes and materials will play a huge role in the final figure and as such, this post has been created as a guide to help you make that final decision on your new kitchen benchtop. Before we get stuck right into the dollars and cents, you will want to have a browse of Caesarstone’s website and select a few colour options, keeping in mind the notes below.

Selecting your new Caesarstone Benchtop

When selecting a new kitchen benchtop, you are able to order small sample swatches directly from Caesarstone’s website, free of charge. This is an excellent first step in selecting your new kitchen benchtop as these samples will allow you to check that your selected stone will fit in with your colour palette as well as allowing you the opportunity to test out the surface: Throw some red wine at it, try to scratch it, have some fun with it!

Caesartone Rugged Concrete Review
We reviewed one of Caesarstone’s textured colour options, Rugged Concrete by dripping blue food dye on the surface and smashing at it with a screwdriver and the results were pretty surprising!

Before making your final decision, we would always recommend you view your selections in your nearest Caesarstone showroom. Their showrooms display each slab in its entirety, allowing you to see the colour and textural variations that can be expected in your new benchtop. Small samples are great for a general idea however, your selection may change completely when you see the full slabs so do not skip this step!

Caesarstone Empira White - Caesarstone's Pricing
As you can see in this example of Caesarstone’s Empira White™, the smaller samples placed on top of the slab are only indicative of a very small portion of the entire slab which is why it is always recommended you view your selections in a Caesarstone showroom prior to making any final decisions.

Your Kitchen Builder or Stonemason will order and install your selected stone from the manufacturer, in this case Caesarstone, and as with just about everything else involved in a kitchen renovation, the final cost to you will vary greatly depending on several factors.

Your overall cost for a new Caesarstone kitchen benchtop will include:

  • Slab Cost: Selected slab cost x Amount of slabs required for your project (Note: Caesarstone slabs are approximately 3050 x 1440mm – Use these figures to determine exactly how many slabs will be needed for your new kitchen benchtop)
  • Thickness: Caesarstone slabs are available in a 20mm standard thickness and you can either select to stick with this size or build up a chunkier benchtop. The stone’s edge is mitered to achieve the added thickness (rather than building up on a 20mm stone benchtop by layering multiple slabs; much too heavy!) Your stone can be built up in multiples of 20, so we have the standard thickness of 20mm, that can be increased (when mitered) to 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, and so on.
  • Cutouts: Additional charges apply per cutout made into your kitchen benchtop; this refers to cooktop cutouts, sink cutouts and tapware cutouts.
  • Edging: Most Caesarstone benchtops are installed with a simple, square edge with a slight radius. There are more decorative edges that can be used, such as a rounded or lamb’s tongue edge for example, however, for this post and for budgeting purposes, we’ll be focusing on the more common standard square edge.
  • Delivery: As expected, your stonemason or kitchen builder will quote you on their own delivery charges, relevant to your project and site conditions.
  • Installation: Again, your stonemason or kitchen builder will quote you on your project’s individual requirements; for this post however, we will be using a standard installation cost, at a square metre rate.
Caesarstone Excava - Caesarstone's Pricing
Caesarstone’s glorious Excava is included in their Supernatural colour selections and features a highly tactile and surprisingly low maintenance matte, textured finish. You’ll find more information on this stone over on Caesarstone’s website.

Caesarstone’s Pricing Categories

Caesarstone’s catalogue of stunning engineered stone options is sectioned into several categories. From least expensive to most expensive, we have the following cost tiers included in Caesarstone’s range to look at, with an approximation of each category’s slab cost:

Caesarstone Price List: Slab Costs*

  • Standard ($): $ 1,550.00
  • Deluxe ($$): $ 1,850.00
  • Supernatural ($$$$): $ 2,600.00
  • Supernatural Ultra ($$$$$): $ 3,999.00

*It is crucial to point out here that the above slab costs are not set in stone (pun intended!) and are strictly to be used as a guide only for budgeting purposes.

While browsing Caesarstone’s website, you will notice that each colour has one of the above categories listed under the Specifications tab which will immediately give you an indication of where your colour choice sits in terms of price.

Caesarstone price list: Empira White - Caesarstone's Pricing
A new addition to Caesarstone’s luxurious Supernatural Ultra collection is Empira White, an organic and timeless stone featuring elegant veining throughout. This stone suits many a style of home, from sleek and modern kitchens to more industrial themes.

Caesarstone’s Pricing Guide (finally!)

Now that all the fun (!) stuff has been taken care of, it’s time for the juicy bits! Use the basic formula below to calculate an estimate of your new Caesarstone kitchen benchtop, once again keeping in mind that this post has been created for budgeting purposes ONLY and should not be used as a formal quotation; each individual project can vary based on several factors as mentioned above.

Putting together your estimate*:

  1. SLAB COST x AMOUNT OF SLABS REQUIRED: After selecting your stone from Caesarstone’s website, check the Specifications on your selected stone’s page to see which pricing category it falls under, then see Caesarstone’s Slab Cost section above (slabs are approximately 3050 x 1440mm)
  2. THICKNESS & EDGE PROFILE: Add $130.00 per lineal metre (Based on a more common 40mm mitred edge)
  3. SINK CUTOUT: Add $350.00 (Based on an undermount, double bowl sink). Sink cutouts are commonly free of charge for drop-in type sinks that will not show any exposed stone edges.
  4. COOKTOP CUTOUT: Add $300 for a rebated cooktop; once again, a cooktop cutout is free of charge for drop-in style cooktops.
  5. DELIVERY: Individually quoted per job
  6. INSTALLATION: Approximately. $140.00 per m²

* All figures used throughout this post are listed in Australian Dollars.

And there you have it! Using these figures, you should have an excellent indication of the approximate cost of your new kitchen benchtop, allowing you to see if this is an option that will suit your budget. As you can see, Caesarstone’s pricing is a little more complex than a simple square metre rate. The final cost of your new kitchen benchtop will depend on several factors however, we hope this budget guide has helped you along the way!

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Caesarstone Price Guide
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