5 Ways to Create a Hotel Inspired Bathroom

Following our recent piece on Creating a Spa Inspired Bathroom, today we’re taking a look at designing your bathroom around a whole different theme: Hotel Luxury – another emerging trend in the world of bathroom design.


We are seeing a shift towards bathrooms becoming more luxurious and opulent with clients seeking out combinations of varying textures and materials. Of course, this is partially due to the fact that we now have readily available and affordable access to cost effective materials with the introduction of more realistic”look-alike” products such as marble inspired surfaces for example.


Nothing creates a luxurious vibe in a space as much as the beauty of marble! Be it a natural stone or a replica product such as Caesarstone’s Noble Grey, marble will create a fantastically elegant feel in your new hotel inspired bathroom. Click here find out more about marble inspired surfaces for your home in our recent blog post.

For more information on Caesarstone’s quality surfaces, read our reviews of Caesarstone’s Calacatta Nuvo and the new addition to their collection, Noble Grey where we also compare the pros and cons of Caesarstone vs. Marble.

Image result for caesarstone alpine mist bathroom vanity
Caesarstone’s Alpine Mist has been used on this vanity and splashback. Image Source

Pair a marble wall tile with a marble vanity top for instant ‘Wow’ factor! Contrast the marble surfaces with timber or other darker coloured cabinetry and flooring for the finishing touch. Many tile manufacturers are able to re-create the look and texture of a natural marble with a porcelain product, allowing you the look of marble for less and without the usual ongoing maintenance costs that come with a natural stone.

Feature Basins

Add a glamorous touch in your hotel inspired bathroom with a feature basin, such as these stunning hand crafted basins from Glass Design Italia. These basins make use of several different unique materials ranging from Murano Glass and Crystal to the ultra lightweight Pert and Silicone series which have been specifically designed for spaces where weight is of concern. Pair with a wall mixer or tall ‘gooseneck’ style mixer for a sophisticate touch.

Image result for glass design italy
Glass Design Italia – More information.


Pendant lights and chandeliers are a perfect fit for a hotel luxury themed bathroom.  Visit Lucretia Lighting for an astonishing range of replica designer lighting pieces to suit any hotel inspired bathroom.

Replica Diamond Pendant Lamp by Sebastian Scherer – Lucretia Lighting. More information.

Plan your lighting accordingly: Ensure a good mix of both natural and artificial lighting and also include a dimmer switch to enable you to set a relaxing mood in the bathroom. If space allows, also consider including stylish wall lights around or over your vanity unit: by installing a wall light over the vanity unit, light will fall directly onto your face without casting a shadow, making it easier to see clearly.


Another elegant touch that can add warmth and texture to your bathroom, wallpapers are now available in materials such as woven polyester fabric that are suited to a wet bathroom environment. Pickawall offers a custom removable wallpaper service – for use in a bathroom, ensure you request your custom wallpaper to be printed using UV inks for added durability.

Image result
A luxurious wallpapered bathroom – Image Source

Bathroom Fittings, Furniture & Accessories

Select bathroom fittings that focus on relaxation: large freestanding bathtubs, rain showers or spas. Visit your local Reece showroom for more inspiration!

Really want to make your bathroom feel like a hotel room? Also consider adding a sound system or television!

If your space allows, include pieces of freestanding furniture that are not only functional but also stylish! You could include a painted armoire for added storage: mount a full length mirror to the face or inside of the door for further functionality. Also consider adding bathroom stools to help you while getting yourself ready for the day!

Image result for hotel inspired bathroom
A modern hotel inspired bathroom – the space includes an excellent blend of textures! Image Source.

Accessorise your hotel inspired bathroom: use timber features, mirror finished trays or storage boxes, metallic finishes and florals to create a luxurious atmosphere. Add flowers or plants around your bathtub or on your vanity for a natural element. Don’t forget to include soft and cozy towels and robes for added the perfect finishing touch to a hotel inspired bathroom!

What would you add to a hotel inspired bathroom in your home? Tell us in the comments below!