15 Easy Home Decorating Ideas That Will Make Your Home Look Luxurious!

Stuck in a rut and want to find some quick, easy and affordable ways to spruce up your home decor scheme?

It’s easy to create a stylish and consistent look in your home when you’ve only just moved in however, it’s not so easy when you’re wanting to spruce up your existing space! The following are our best tips in adding luxurious touches to your home without breaking the bank or having to start all over again!

  1. Mix & Match bedding sets

    Rather than sticking to a matching bedding set, get creative and mix and match your patterned and solid sets to create an entirely new look in the bedroom. Layer colours, patterns and pillow shapes along with comforters and throws to create a unique, cozy and luxurious bedroom.

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  2. Paint decorative items of furniture

    Have an old dresser that is in desperate need of a makeover? Tired of that 70’s style buffet? Paint it! White or black are always classic choices; you could also consider a statement colour such as emerald green, sapphire or burnt orange for a real burst of colour in your newly decorated home!

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  3. Use pieces of furniture in the Bathroom or Kitchen

    If you are in need of some extra storage space in the kitchen or bathroom, a more affordable option than adding in new built in cabinetry is to simply add a small piece of furniture that will house all the extra bits and bobs, such as the small cupboard in the example below. Re-purpose older furniture, give it a face lift to suit if need be and away you go!

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  4. Update Your Rugs & Runners

    Another great way to quickly and easily update a space is to update soft furnishings such as rugs and runners. Opt for furs in Winter for a cozy feel and consider jute or cotton pieces for the warmer months. Make sure to always include a non-slip backing to any slippery fabrics for safety!

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  5. Rearrange your furniture

    A great (and free!) way of updating a room is to simply rearrange the existing furniture. If your room feels tired, cramped or just plain cluttered, create an entirely new look by creating a better planned space – The best place to start is to consider what needs improving in this room. Does it need more space to move around in? Does it look crowded? Then, consider which pieces of furniture are staying in the room and which are going. Measure up your space along with the furniture you will keep and create a small plan to make it easier to plan your new layout.

    Add a touch of glamour to your living space – accent chairs and metallic side tables are a great way to make a small but effective change! Alessia Accent chair available from The Block Shop.

  6. Reupholster Tired Furniture

    Easily update tired and drab furniture by reupholstering it. The most cost effective option is course, to do it yourself! Get creative with your use of colour, patterns and textures in your choice of fabrics to create the exact look you want that will help tie your room’s decor scheme together.

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  7. Select a new Accent Colour for your space

    Once again, soft furnishing are your best friends here! Select a new accent colour for your interior – the example below uses yellow accents to brighten up an otherwise cooler home decor scheme. Include new cushions, fabrics, rugs and throws together with other decorative items such as vases, flowers and candles to spruce up your home’s colour scheme.

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  8. Get creative with your painting plan: feature walls, paint only half the wall for a ‘dado’ style

    Make a statement with the colours and techniques you select for your wall paints. Rather than sticking to an all white colour palette, get creative with your use of colour and texture: do you have all white furniture? Paint your walls a darker grey for a dramatic look! Create a textured feature wall in your living area with Dulux’s range of Effects Paints: choose from Suede, Pearl, Stone or even Chalkboard Paint! Click here for more information.

    The example below shows an emerald green paint which works well with the owner’s colourful style of decorating. The walls are only painted about halfway up from the floor, creating a dado effect – this technique would work best in a home with higher ceilings.

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  9. Add open shelves

    We could all use a bit more storage, especially in areas like the kitchen, laundry or bathroom! Adding floating open shelves will not only provide a bit of extra space but will also create visual interest in the space. It is important to note that too many open shelves are not always ideal: do keep in mind that open shelving can attract more dust and can often make a space feel cluttered if they are too overcrowded. Always keep your open shelves styled in a minimal, uncluttered way – as shown in the image below.

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  10. Reframe artwork and photos

    Tired of the same old boring picture frames? Look into having your existing artwork reframed for a fresh new look or simply just purchase new picture frames for the photos your have on display. As in the example below, pair your picture frames with accessories such as candles and decorative items that all work well together; in this case, the glossy and metallic features of each piece act as a common feature among each item on display, tying the whole look together. It’s always the smallest of details that count the most!

    Crackled Leaf Photo Frame, available now from Marks & Spencer. Click here for more information.

  11. Display a Collection

    Display your collections in fun and unique ways: Display a plate collection on the wall or vintage cookbooks in your kitchen for example. Putting your prized pieces on display around your home rather than tucked away in storage will not only introduce colour, texture and pattern in your decorating scheme but will also allow these pieces to be appreciated once again!

    Display a plate collection on your wall to inject both colour and pattern in your home. Image Source.

  12. Include Flowers or Artificial Flowers

    Ideally, fresh flowers around the home are a great solution to adding more colour and life however, it can be difficult (and costly!) to maintain a fresh bouquet all year-round. The next best option is to invest in quality artificial flowers that will at least act to brighten the space up. Choose your favourites and create your own stunning arrangement in a glass vase that will any interior decorating style! Do also incorporate your selected accent colour (see point no. 7 of this list) for the perfect finishing touch to your interior decor scheme.

    Muse Calla Lily Bouquet available online from PillowTalk. Click here for more information.

  13. Rearrange your Bookshelves

    Arrange your bookshelves in a creative way: stack books in small piles, sort by height, author, colour or genre – whatever works best for you. Also include decorative items such as vases or plants, as seen in the example below. This bookshelf looks bright, colurful and is just full of exciting things to look at!

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  14. Get creative with your lighting: Change Lamp Shades, Swap out old Pendant Lights, etc

    Lighting plays a great part in a room’s decor scheme; there is not only the light fixture itself to consider but also the shade or colour of light you select that will often dramatically change the atmosphere is a space. For example, warm lighting is usually used around a home which does have a slightly yellow tinge to it; this yellow tinge will make the colours you’ve selected for the space (such as wall paints, soft furnishings, etc) appear slightly different so it is always important to consider this fact, especially when selecting wall paints.


    That being said, do spend the time selecting a light fitting that will also blend in with the style you are looking for in your newly decorated home. Swap over your ceiling lights for something new and stylish; change old lampshades and use table lamps where necessary, such as a side table or desk. The below table lamp would work extremely well in a vintage or industrial space – the concrete base provides a tactile contrast with the smoothness of the glass, while the bronze tinted glass would give off a lustrous warm glow.

    Home Republic Aeron Glass Table Lamp in Smoke, available online from Adairs. Click here for more information.

  15. Take the Time to Declutter Your Home!

    We love to declutter! We have recently discussed ways of freeing up space in both your kitchen and bathroom that will dramatically change the room’s look, feel and overall usability. Just look at the Before & After example below: the After shot looks so much cleaner, bigger and even more stylish! A clutter free environment will not only look better but will always help to ease stress levels in the home.

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