Bathroom Decorating Ideas for Renters

As we all know, decorating and renovating options for renters are rather limited, especially when it comes to the key areas of the home such as the kitchen or bathroom. Today we’ll be looking at some great bathroom decorating ideas for renters that will help create a new look in your home full of life, colour and fun!

Bathroom Storage Solutions

Clutter tends to accumulate in the bathroom very quickly, creating an unsightly mess! Keep all the necessities organised and within arm’s reach while also adding a decorative feature to your rental home’s bathroom that won’t tick off your landlord!

The sleek and minimal Evita Bathroom Accessory collection is made of quality ceramic and features chrome edging on every piece to seamlessly blend into your decorating scheme. Image credit

Bathroom Decorating Ideas for Renters: QUICK SOLUTIONS:

Replace the Shower Curtain

A simple step but an effective one. If your bathroom includes a shower curtain, swapping it out for something more suited to your style and taste is a very quick and easy fix in sprucing up the bathroom of your rental home.

Simple, elegant and best of all CHEAP! Change up your shower curtain to help create a new look in your bathroom. The Bambury Shower Curtain is available in three stylish colours to suit any bathroom style – Shop online at Zanui!

Shower curtains are in general, susceptible to tears, dirt and even mold so changing it up every so often will also help keep your space clean and tidy.

Coordinate your new look with matching accessories to create a sense of harmony in your decorating scheme.

Another great way to spruce up your shower (especially if the base isn’t the best condition) is to use a suction rubber mat to cover it all up. Rubber shower mats provide a simple way to hide that unsightly shower base – Just make sure to keep them squeaky clean by simply giving them a quick wipe down and rinse after your shower.

This cute little pebble bath mat includes suction cups on the underside to keep it in place. The pebble design allows water to run freely without puddling up. Image credit

Include Plants & Flowers

We love the look of greenery in the home! You will find that including potted plants and flowers in your bathroom will not only add life and colour to the space but will also help to create a tranquil environment, perfect for winding down in after a busy day (click here to read our post “8 Ways to Create the Ultimate Spa Inspired Bathroom” for more ideas in creating a bathroom built for relaxation!).

Line up a row of small potted plants across your windowsill for an instant update in your bathroom. Where possible, hanging plants are another fabulous addition as well as making use of any wall shelves. Image: Awifeonline

Not much of a green thumb? I get it… I KILL every plant I touch. EVERY plant… Kmart has us covered, as always! Faux plants are a great way of introducing a touch of colour to your bathroom – Click here to view Kmart’s current selection of beautiful faux plants that will liven up your home.

Stick on Wall Decals

Self adhesive wall decals provide a fabulous, low cost yet highly effective solution to introducing colour and pattern to your space. A quality wall decal will not peel off a good paint job upon removal however, you’ll always want to test it out first to avoid any costly repairs down the track.

A super quick and easy solution to adding pops of colour to your bathroom, wall decals are an excellent way to add a bit of your own personal touch to a rental space. Zanui has an incredibly extensive range of stickers available, including this cute Beautiful Cloud wall decal!

If applying stick-on wall decals to painted walls, always ensure to test on a discreet section of wall before starting on your decorating project – Better safe than sorry!

Get creative with your use of wall stickers – Use a selection of complimenting colours and shapes to create your own custom wall art, as shown in this example using Little Sticker Boy’s Midi Pastel Triangles.

Rugs & Towels

Another fabulous way to quickly (and effortlessly!) spruce up any bathroom is to update your towels and include a stylish rug that will bring colour, pattern and texture to the space as well as cover up the floors of a tired or outdated bathroom.

Stylish towels can really help to lift the whole vibe of your bathroom. The Avia Towel Collection pictured here features a highly textured geometric design, adding a bit of personality to your bathroom. Image credit

Bath mats and rugs are another great way of creating life in your bathroom – also helping in covering up your rental home’s floor tiles if they’re not to your liking! Use a quality bath mat with a rubber backing to prevent slips to spruce up key areas such as in front of your shower or bath.

You may also consider using a more stylish rug in the space (once again, to avoid any slips – make sure the rug either has rubber backing or an anti-slip mat underneath). Outdoor rugs are another fantastic solution for the bathroom; usually made of Polypropylene (a synthetic resin) making them incredibly easy to clean, especially in the messy environment of a bathroom!

The stunning Bloom Outdoor Rug features a delicate floral pattern to add a super glamorous touch to your bathroom! Easy to wipe clean, outdoor rugs are an excellent solution for a wet (and often messy!) area! Click here to checkout Zanui’s extensive range of outdoor rugs.

Redecorating your bathroom in a rental property can really make all the difference and help you feel a lot more at home Share your own bathroom decorating ideas for renters in the comments below or continue the discussion in our Facebook Group.

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