5 Colourful Kitchens to Inspire you!

Never be afraid of introducing a bit of colour in your kitchen! Whether you select colourful accessories, funky appliances, colourful custom cabinetry or a wild splashback, find your own unique colour style to create a kitchen that truly reflects your personality!

We’ve put together some colourful examples of exciting kitchens and discussed the different ways colour has been used in each for full impact.

5 Colourful Kitchens_Blog by Diamond Interiors
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A deep, bold blue makes a fabulous impact in this unique kitchen design! The cabinetry colour is then layered with a lighter shade of blue in the subway tile kitchen splashback. The colour scheme is contrasted with pops of citrus yellow, adding a further level of interest in the space. Image Source
A combination of marble, timber and metallic accents create a dramatic vibe in this show stopping kitchen. The mossy green painted cabinetry finish has been replicated on the wall, tying the whole scheme together and creating a sense of balance.  Image Source
Another way to introduce colour in your kitchen is to get creative with your kitchen appliances! Smeg has an entire collection of retro themed small and large appliances in various colours to suit every taste, from soft pastels to candy stripes! Image Source
Orange Kitchen - Top 5 Colourful Kitchens - Diamond Interiors Blog
A very sleek, minimal, modern kitchen – A bright orange has been used throughout the space, balanced by a neutral backdrop. Cabinetry, benchtop and even tapware have all been colour matched to create quite the showpiece in this example! Image Source
Metallic Kitchen - Top 5 Colourful Kitchens - Diamond Interiors Blog
In keeping with this year’s metallic kitchen design trends, this example makes a statement with metallic features, from the obvious splashback to the matching handles and accessories. Metallic finishes provide a great way to brighten up a dark space, allowing light to bounce around and reflections to create a depth of space. Image Source


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