Master Bedroom Design Guide

The Master suite of your home should be a sanctuary, a safe place to unwind and let go after a long and grueling day. The way you arrange your bedroom plays a huge role in your comfort and relaxation; today we’ll be looking at complete bedroom design techniques and ways you can arrange your bedroom to create a space that is not only reflective of your own tastes and personality, but a space that soothes the senses for a more relaxed you.

Bedroom Design: Bed Placement

Your bed will naturally be the focal point of the room so make sure to always keep it tidy; a messy bed makes for a messy room!

Your bed is the focal point; Use beautiful fabrics to showcase your own design flare! Featured in this image, we have Alex Perry’s fabulous Allegra Quilt, creating a stunning contrast between soft, feminine patterns and sleek, industrial accessories. Shop online at Zanui.

Ideally, your bed should be placed directly across the door, being the first thing you see as you enter the space for maximum impact and to help create a more relaxed flow or circulation through the room. Which bring us to our next point, your bedroom layout…

Bedroom Layout

With your bed taking center stage, place small bedside tables on either side for symmetry and of course, functionality. Make sure your bedside tables include at least one drawer; it’s always handy to tuck away all those bits and pieces that tend to pile up when we’re not looking!

bedroom design  - storage ideas
A wide storage ottoman at the foot of your bed allows you an added layer of storage: a great place to tuck away your extra blankets or bed sheets. Featured in this example is the luxurious Petronila Storage Ottoman – Shop online at Zanui.

If space allows, include a chest of drawers, a storage ottoman at the end of your bed, and an occasional chair in a corner with a small table for breakfasting in style!

If you don’t have a built-in or walk-in wardrobe attached to the space, use a stylish standalone wardrobe opposite your bed and make sure to include drawers for your shoes and your other extra bits and pieces!

Bedroom Accessories

Show off your design flare with coordinating accessories around the space; avoid including pieces just for the sake of ‘having something there’ though: You want every piece in your bedroom to serve a purpose to avoid cluttering up the space. Clutter in the bedroom creates a feeling of unease; the complete opposite of what we are trying to achieve here! So select pieces that are both practical and beautiful: A luxurious trinket box for your jewelry, a vintage style alarm clock on your bedside table, or stylish bookends to keep your ‘To-Read’ pile in check.

bedroom design  - accessories
A small tray or trinket box on your bedside table is a great way to keep all your jewelry in order. Image credit

Bedroom Lighting

Super important in the bedroom is your lighting plan. Of course, you will have your overhead lighting (a dimmer in the bedroom is always a plus) however, you will also need more focused, task lighting. Traditionally task lighting in the bedroom means a table lamp on either side of your bed however, there are more creative solutions available. For example, low hanging pendant lights beside the bed are a stylish alternative to table lamps, freeing up some space on your bedside table. Get creative with your lighting fixtures – don’t forget that lamp shades can easily be swapped out when trends change!

bedroom design - table lamps
A stylish table lamp can make a beautiful accessory as well as provide an obvious function. Featured here are the stunning Dallas Table Lamps – Shop online at Zanui.
Master Bedroom Design Guide
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