Dulux Colour Forecast for 2018

Every year Dulux releases their Colour Forecast – Always a step ahead of the trends, Dulux has not disappointed in their predictions for the colours we’ll be seeing making an impact in the world of interior design over 2018.


A celebration of cultural heritage, Kinship represents our spirituality and the comfort of tradition and folklore. An Autumnal palette, Kinship envelops us in warmth, love and romance with its soothing and comforting blend of hot, eclectic colours including soft blues, vibrant terracottas and fiery reds.

Click here to view the entire Kinship Colour Palette.

Building upon the Tribal Trend we’ve seen this year in both the fashion and textile industries, we see the Kinship colour palette making a big impact in our homewares and soft furnishings of 2018.


Natural and recycled materials are the inspiration behind the Essential colour trend. Our evolving respect and appreciation of all things natural, our efforts in conserving the environment and our increased awareness of social and environmental issues have driven a trend towards a more natural design style, embracing the world around us rather than pushing it out. You will find the Essential colour palette includes soft, earthy tones to create a sense of peace, tranquility and natural charm.

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Rich textures, deep colours and soft neutrals, the Essential colour palette will continue to be a dominant style in the kitchen and bathroom design industries well into the new year and beyond thanks to its timeless appeal and elegance.


A playful clash of colour, Escapade draws upon 70’s and 80’s designs to create a bold, beautiful look in any interior. Shades of blue, mint, pink and orange make for a modern twist on these retro favourites, creating an exciting, exotic theme.

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Another fabulous look that will certainly be making a huge impact in the design of our homewares in 2018. Think bright colours and vivid patterns – A bright, cheery and colourful theme sees the Escapade colour palette being a sure favourite in the textile, furniture and soft furnishing industries in 2018.


Luxurious and opulent, the rich tones represented in the Reflect colour palette create a moody, deep and eclectic aura in the home. This palette is for those of us that love a bit of drama and luxury in our interiors! Deep blacks and jewel tones create a very sophisticated scheme – don’t be afraid to be bold!

Click here to view the entire Reflect colour palette.

The Reflect look is another incredible palette that will be making an impact in the interior design and styling industries over 2018. Offering a bold, timeless palette, Reflect catapults 20th century design into the modern world.

All images sourced from the Dulux Australia website.


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