The Best Kmart Christmas Hacks

Kmart’s attractively priced homeware collections have created a DIY revolution! Shoppers are buying already gorgeous goodies from Kmart and converting them into all new and even more fabulous goodies! We’ve seen faux marble dining tab;es and coffee tables created using Kmart’s luxurious marble vinyl paper, delightful garden planters made out of pet bowls – the possibilities are truly only limited by your imagination and creativity. Now the latest craze taking Australia by storm: Kmart Christmas Hacks!

Kmart Stacking Christmas Tree Hack

Most definitely the most ‘hacked’ of all the Kmart hacks – This simple $12 Scandi-Style stackable timber Christmas tree can be easily converted into a stunning alternative tree. As seen in this example, simply use a hot glue gun to stuff your timber tree boxes with multi-coloured baubles and use ribbons or crystals along the edges for a luxurious finish. The possibilities are truly endless with this Christmas hack! Best of all: the end result is a super stylish tree that is easily stored away for next year without all the fuss! Click here to see even more variations on this fabulous Christmas tree!

A Winter Wonderland

kmart Christmas hacks - snow
Sydney mum Toni Mackie has created perhaps the most spectacular Christmas Winter Wonderland we’ve ever seen – and believe it or not, around 90% of the magic seen here has been sourced from Kmart! All it took was some paint and glitter mixed with tons of creativity and ingenuity to create this magical Christmas display! A white feather boa has been used as snow, carefully intertwined with battery operated lights for that soft, magical glow. A true masterpiece! Find out more about this wonderful craft project here.

A Luxurious Christmas Wreath

kmart Christmas hacks - pool noodle wreath
Pick up a good ol’pool noodle from Kmart, along with some baubles and tinsel and you’ve got yourself a fabulous Christmas wreath! A luxurious Christmas wreath such as the one in this example can cost you anywhere over $60 in any traditional home decor store – Luckily, Kmart’s got your back on this one! Their budget friendly range of wreaths are spectacular, or you can make your own using a pool noodle, hot glue gun, some tinsel and decorations – easy! Click here for a step-by-step tutorial. Image Source.

The Elf on the Shelf

kmart Christmas hacks - elf on the shelf
Last but most definitely not least is this cute Elf on the Shelf display! Paint your $12 Kmart Wooden Christmas Tree and add your $15 Kmart Elf Door! Set up your little elf with all sorts of lovely doll-house bits and pieces to create a truly magical display that’s fun for all ages. You can find the full tutorial here. 

Seen any other incredible Kmart Christmas Hacks or made your own? Share your wonderful creations in the comments below!

kmart Christmas hacks
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