Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Grown Ups

I absolutely LOVE Christmas! I love the movies, the music, the cookies, SANTA – All of it! One day when we have little ones, I would love to make a family tradition of preparing awesome Christmas Eve boxes for everyone, but for now, a Christmas Eve Box for grown ups will have to do!

Last year, I went a little over the top with our Christmas Eve Boxes; It was a very, very last minute idea! In a Christmas sugar cookie fueled panic, I made a manic rush over to Kmart where I proceeded to fill up my basket with anything remotely Christmas related I could get my hands on: DVDs, books, lollies, an assortment of flavoured hot chocolates (each flavour tasting only slightly better and less watery than the next) and of course, the Christmas pajamas.

Running to the counter, I realised I had forgotten the most important part of my Christmas Eve Box – The Box.

I didn’t find awesome Christmas boxes that met my horrendously high standards so I settled on a giant Santa Sack for each of us. On the plus side, I do use said sacks to store the tree and ornaments now so hey, that worked out for the best!

This year, I’ve made it my mission to be just a little more organised and make ACTUAL boxes, along with making some better decisions as to what would be more suitable for Christmas Eve boxes for a Grown Up. I was on the right track but only slightly missed the mark last year, so here goes!

Ideas for a Christmas Eve Box for Grown Ups:

So with my awesome list of grown-up Christmas ideas handy, hubby and I headed to the shops.

And ended up with this:

It seems we decided on diabetes for Christmas Eve…
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