Staying COSY This Winter: Your Guide to Scandinavian Styling

Coming into Winter in Australia, we’re all looking for fabulous ways of creating that warm and cosy vibe in our homes. What better inspiration is there to achieve this than to look at Scandinavian styling?!

Scandinavian Styling combines warm, rustic textures with cosy textiles and natural touches to create a peerfectly balanced look that is perfect for Winter, helping you keep a warm and comfortable home throughout Melbourne’s chilly Winters.

Tactile Textures

A key element in every Scandinavian inspired decorating scheme is an emphasis on natural texture. This includes soft furnishings such as rugs, animal hides and cushions as well as throws, furniture and even artwork. Sheepskins, furs, leather, cottons, linens and knits are all fabulous ways of adding a layer of natural texture to a space which in turn, creates feelings of warmth and comfort: Exactly what we are looking to achieve in a Scandinavian inspired home!

Scandinavian Styling
It’s not surprising that Nordic interiors include such rich, warm textures in their soft furnishings – Being a very cold climate, the added layer of warmth is an absolute necessity! Get the look with this luxurious natural reindeer hide, available online from Adairs.

Fuzzy and super warm throws are a MUST in creating a Nordic inspired cosy decorating scheme! Look for neutral colours that can be easily matched with any colour scheme, making it even simpler for you to change things up every once in a while.

Scandinavian Styling
My goodness do these look WARM!!! The very aptly named Cosy Pom Pom Throw are available at Pottery Barn.

Walls & Flooring

Using a simple colour palette, it’s quite easy to achieve an authentic Scandi feel in your home. White painted walls and whitewashed or natural timber floors are an immediate go-to option however, there are other ways to achieve a Scandi-inspired look in your own home without limiting yourself to these options.

Other wall and floor finishes your could consider include:

  • Adding a bit of texture to your walls using special effects paint
  • Exposed concrete or brick feature walls are a fabulous way to add a very contemporary layer of texture to the room. You could opt to leave the concrete or brick surface completely exposed or go over it with either a white paint or whitewash to soften the look but still include a textural element
  • There are many options in timber flooring: Budget friendly click-together boards are available from all good hardware and flooring stores. There are many finishes and colours available, from your honey coloured timbers to darker, almost black timbers (another great look for a Nordic inspired space that can be easily livened up with coloured decor!) and the best part of this solution is that you can walk on the floor straight away without having to wait for anything to dry!

Timber Accessories

A dominant feature present in most Scandinavian inspired space is of course, timber! Including timber accessories in your decorating scheme enhances the natural feel of the space, while also adding that textural element Scandi interiors are so famous for. Timber will also assist in creating that nice, warm feeling in the room – It’s all about making the space as cosy as possible, after all!

Scandinavian Styling
Timber side tables such as these beauties from Adairs, are the perfect fit for a Nordic styled home. An excellent bedside table solution, this example also incorporates a bit of a tribal flair in the patterned bedding – A great way to add life and pattern to your interiors!

Think timber benchtops for the kitchen, laundry or bathroom, timber side tables and other decorative accessories in the living areas or bedrooms such as picture frames, candle holders or trays. The timber side tables pictured above come as a set of two; perfect for use as a bedroom side table or as part of your living room decorating scheme.


Nordic inspired furniture is all about keeping it clean, simple and highly functional. You’ll notice a lot of multi-purpose furniture included in Nordic inspired spaces: pieces that can be used for more than one thing! For example, a good storage ottoman is a perfect solution for the bedroom or living area; not only does it provide some added seating area or a foot stool when lounging on the couch but you can also store all your extra bits and pieces in there to keep the clutter away. I use a small storage ottoman in our living area to tuck away my laptop and notebooks for example, to keep my “home office” out of the way!

adairs bookshelf
A simple and elegant design, the Ashwood Bookshelf combines the simplicity of a pure white with the warmth and character of a blonde timber – The perfect accessory for a Nordic styled home!

Bookshelves are a great way to add life and personality to any space. Display your favourite books, trinkets, small potted plants, candles and more; Bookshelves provide the perfect blank canvas to really show off some character!

Now for even MORE Scandinavian Styling Tips! Our lovely friends over at Insulation Express UK have created this amazing infographic to help create the perfect, super cosy Scandi inspired home!

Scandinavian Styling

 This fabulous infographic has been supplied to us by the good people of Insulation Express UK. 

Nordic interiors have been inspiring the design world internationally. We are seeing heavy influences in our home decor, in our kitchen and bathroom design as well as fashion and product design, and with good reason! Nordic design is defined by smooth, sleek lines combined with natural materials and textures to create a space that is in tune with our emotions. Scandinavian interiors create a sense of warmth, of comfort and peace – all things that we NEED in our homes! After all, our home is our sanctuary – you NEED to feel comfortable in your own space!

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Scandinavian Styling
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