Boho Chic Interiors: Our Top Tips!

Thanks to the surge in popularity and availability of budget friendly home decor, it’s super simple to re-vamp your interiors while also exploring different styles. A popular trend that seems here to stay is the Boho Chic interior style: An eclectic, bold and cosy combination of textures, rich colours and materials, Boho Chic is a fabulous way to showcase personality and charm in your home!

Today, we’re sharing some of our top tips on how you can achieve the look in your home and customise it to suit your own personal style!

Boho Chic Interior Design: Mix it up and make it your own

The beauty of a Bohemian styled home is that it captures the elements of many different cultures and lifestyles. Throughout history, an unconventional lifestyle would throw you straight into the Bohemian category: Nomads and travelers, artists, writers and more!

The romanticism of these lifestyles definitely show through in any Bohemian home however, the key to absolutely nailing this look is to seek inspiration from other sources but always, always, ALWAYS make it your own! 

boho chic interior design - bookshelf
A Boho Chic interior style showcases your personality, and what better way to do it than to show off a favourite collection! I love my vintage book collection and use bookends to show off my favourites on the hall table. Using metallic surfaces as shown in this example, is a simple way to add a touch of light and further texture to a Bohemian styled space. Avalon Globe bookends are available online at Zanui!

Combine rich tapestries, lush greenery or fuzzy furs (which are all classic elements of a Boho interior) and add your own twist to make the look truly reflect you. Some great ideas to personalise the space include:

  • Create a gallery wall using mismatched frames filled with your favourite photos
  • Showcase a collection: Whether you collect vintage books, plates, shells or candles, scatter them throughout your newly decorated pad to show it all off! Quirky bookends look fabulous supporting your favourite reads on your hall table. Mount and frame small pieces (shells, feathers, rock, crystals, etc) – Get creative with your collection!
  • Opt for unique pieces in your decorating scheme rather than sticking to ‘what’s trending” at the moment. Seen a fabulous over-the-top patterned quilt you like but just isn’t on trend? Grab it! That’s the beauty of Boho interior decorating: It seamlessly combines trends, tradition and personality in a way that no other home decorating style can!
boho chic interior design - bedroom design ideas
Fairy lights are a fantastic way to include ambient lighting in your space; They look positively dreamy in this luxurious bedroom! Image: Pexels

Getting Cultured!

Bohemian decor trends are heavily influenced by rich, traditional cultural decorating styles, including elements of Moroccan and Eastern European decorating. Think beads, jewels, bold bursts of colour paired with rich, earthy tones; A world full of natural texture, ornate tapestries and rugs, combined with some more modern elements to create a truly eclectic mix.

A cosy and colourful Bohemian styled bedroom! This space combines rich, deep earthy hues with traditional patterns and natural materials to create an eclectic and warm vibe. Find more incredible Bohemian styled bedrooms over at DECOMAGZ!

For more of a Moroccan vibe, make use of decorative lanterns, floor cushions and ottomans to create a comfortable and welcoming environment. Boldly coloured feature walls, patterned prints and rustic timber furniture and accessories add further layers of texture and interest in the room. It is important to note that certain styles and patterns have intense cultural significance and meaning so understanding and respecting these particular items is especially important when creating a Boho Chic inspired home design.

Classic Bohemian looks are steeped in cultural elements and rich, vibrant colours but what can you do if you are looking for a more modern approach? A Modern Boho Chic style still oozes warmth and charm however, takes a step back from the bold colouring of more traditional spaces.

White on white is a perfect fit for a Modern Boho Chic interior. Include rustic, whitewashed timbers, textured soft furnishings such as rugs, cushions and throws and don’t forget to accessorise!

Modern bohemian interior design ideas
A patterned leather ottoman is a perfect way to add casual seating to your space (and a great footrest for chilling in front of the TV!) You’ll find the fabulous Moroccan leather cover featured in the above example available online at Zanui!

Light it up!

Last but by all means, not least, is your lighting! Pendant lights, table lamps and floor lamps are all crucial elements of any decorating scheme and a Boho inspired look is no different! Opt for ornate patterns, metallic textures and jeweled tones in your lighting if you are going for a more traditional Boho look.

boho chic interior design ideas
Lively, colourful lanterns are the perfect fit for a traditional, Moroccan inspired Bohemian style. Image source

For a more modern approach, whites, timbers, jute and again, metallics are a great way to keep within your theme while still adding some Boho Chic charm to the room. Timber beaded pendant lights are a fabulous way to infuse the space with soft, natural texture as is jute. Pair with simple, white or combination white and timber floor lamps and table lamps to complete the look!

modern chandelier
Oozing natural charm, this stunning jute chandelier is the perfect match for a Boho Chic interior with a white on white decorating scheme. Check it out along with more options at Zanui!

Scatter small lanterns, candles or even fairy lights throughout your space for an added touch of romance and whimsy!

As you can see, a Boho Chic interior design scheme can come in many different styles. We have the colourful, eccentric looks which are heavily influenced by cultural art and history or sleek, minimal, yet still casual and warm all white spaces! Which is your favourite?

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