How to Organise your Tupperware

Just about every kitchen has than one cupboard; the one that everyone refuses to open in fear of being caught up in an avalanche of tumbling Tupperware… I love a good de-clutter so let’s get cracking on making our kitchen storage a little bit safer!

Clear the Clutter

First things first, take out all your food containers, lids and any takeaway food containers you’ve got tucked away in the kitchen. Lay them all out and really consider which ones you actually use the most, which are worth holding on to and which ones can be recycled, donated or, if they’re absolutely destroyed and have been loitering about forever, tossed out.

Take note of which size container you use most frequently; you may want to grab yourself a few more in the same size and type to further help keep your storage more organised: Matching your lids will instantly become a hell of a lot simpler with a whole bunch of the same containers available!

Culling down your collection to include only the items you actually use will be a massive help in organising your kitchen storage, making the next step much easier.

Create some Space & Get Organised!

Next up, you’ll want to dedicate a specific spot in your kitchen to store your food containers. Ideally, a couple of large drawers or a cupboard should do the trick. If you find that this is still inadequate, I will refer you back to step one: Clear the Clutter; We all love our fancy Tupperware but you can have too much of a good thing!

The Organised Housewife gives us a perfect example on how to best store Tupperware and food containers using baskets or drawer dividers. Image Source

Now for the fun part: Getting it all tidied up and organised! Nest your similar shaped containers together in stacks with the lids in a separate section, stacked vertically. I find that using dividers or storage bins is the perfect way to arrange these items as this ensures everything stays in its designated spot and is easy to find when needed.

How to Organise your Tupperware Containers:

  • Start by grouping your storage containers by size and shape.
  • Nest similar containers together in a stack with lids kept separate.
  • Drawers: Using storage bins or drawer dividers, arrange your storage in a way that suits your needs best. I find that keeping all similar sized containers neatly stacked in separate storage bins within a drawer or cupboard makes it easier to find everything, with the lids all kept together in a separate storage bin.
  • Cupboards: If you are using cupboard storage, a great way to instantly double your space is to use a shelf insert. This will add a further layer of storage to your cupboard and make it easier for you to arrange your food containers. Keep your containers nested together with your lids stacked neatly on your new shelf. Checkout this cost effective extendable shelf at Kmart! Alternatively, if you have the space for it, attach a magazine holder to the inner face of your cupboard door to house all your container lids for quick access.

Takeaway Containers: Yes or no?

Now, there is some debate on whether or not single use plastic food containers can be re-used. I know of plenty of households (my own included!) that do give said containers a thorough clean and re-use them as much as possible however, I do recommend that they not be used to store any hot food after their initial ‘single use’. In general, these containers are designed and manufactured to withstand only immediate use when serving hot food.

There are many creative ways to store your containers in the kitchen; Just have a look at this gallery full of great ideas over at Amazing Interior Design!

Take away containers as well as plastic fruit punnets from the supermarket can sometimes be re-used in the kitchen in a few ways: I find them to be very handy during my meal prep for example, to keep my chopped veggies tidy or to pack food for a friend (no need to return the container, thanks!). If you too prefer to re-use these containers, make some space for them in your newly cleaned out storage. Give your containers a thorough clean (I use lemon and white vinegar to help get them looking brand new again!) and re-use them as much as is reasonable before recycling.

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how to organise your tupperware and food containers
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