Incredible Interiors: Barbie’s Dream House!

This beautiful Barbie Girl has created a stunning Barbie inspired home and we couldn’t be any more excited to check out her incredible style!

Azusa Sakamoto, a nail artist, blogger and Youtuber (yes, she is a woman of many pink hats – just like Barbie herself!) based in Los Angeles, purchased her first Barbie themed item at the age of 15: a Barbie lunchbox. This lunchbox triggered her obsession with the Barbie brand; Sakamoto has since accrued an astounding collection of Barbie themed items
to the tune of over $80,000, including dolls (of course!), Barbie themed home decor, appliances, furniture, clothing, jewellery and just about anything else you can think of! If it’s not available in stores, the ever creative nail artist dons her Barbie themed DIY cap and creates it herself.

In keeping on brand, breakfasts consist of pink scrambled eggs dyed using beetroot juice, a few pink food dye drops in her morning coffee and pink spread on her toast. All her kitchen utensils, pots, pans, crockery and yes, even appliances are either all pink or plastered with a bright Barbie logo to suit her all over Barbie themed home; and it is absolutely phenomenal!

Azusa Sakamoto Barbie

Sakamoto says her style is not an attempt to actually BECOME Barbie but rather her own unique expression of the Barbie brand itself and what it represents to her. To Azusa, Barbie stands for a fun loving lifestyle in a world where a woman can aspire to be whoever and whatever she wants to be and we are very much down with that! The lovely nail artist also volunteers her time and artistry to adorn the nails of children in hospitals to help lift their spirits and offer some pampering time and of course, continues to grow her dazzling Barbie collection!

You can find out more about Azusa Sakamoto and her incredible collection on her website and YouTube Channel!

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