7 Swoon-Worthy Feature Wall Ideas

Feature Wall Ideas

The right feature wall will certainly add dramatic flair to any room, be it your bedroom, home office or living area. We’ve rounded up the top feature wall options to help you get those creative juices flowing!

Which wall should be my feature wall?

First things first, which wall do you choose?

There are a couple of general rules of thumb to follow when selecting which wall you would like to set as your accent wall:

Painted Feature Wall Ideas

The simplest way to create a stunning feature wall is to use an old classic: Paint. Be it a solid colour, stripes or special effects, paint is a tried and tested budget friendly way to introduce more colour in your home.

Solid Colour

Simple and straight forward: Selecting a single solid colour as your accent is the most budget friendly as well DIY-friendly choice when it comes to creating a new feature wall. This option offers a high contrast, strong visual impact in any space and allows for the perfect backdrop to showcase your favourite artwork or other wall decor, such as oversized clocks, mirrors or even television sets and fireplaces.

Opting for a solid colour feature wall allows for a playful burst of colour that can be as loud or as soft as you want it to be; This example uses a soft blue to create a contrast between the crisp white flooring and walls while also making a feature of the custom joinery in the space. Image:


Perhaps a little more time consuming than a simple, solid coloured painted feature wall, painting stripes is without a doubt, a fabulous way to add a luxuriously creative touch to any room. Use a striped feature wall to your advantage: Horizontal stripes will elongate the room while vertical stripes will create the illusion of added height. Using painter’s tape and paint rollers, get creative with your colour combinations to achieve your desired look! For example, pairing shades of blue with clean whites will offer a casual, coastal vibe while layering metallic paints in your striped feature wall will create an air of luxury.

This delightful bedroom uses vertical metallic stripes to add height to the space while also creating an incredibly luxurious feel. For more ideas on creating the illusion of more space in a room, read our guide here. Image

Special Effect Paint

Most definitely one of my all time favourite options when it comes to creating the perfect accent wall! Special effect paints (such as the Dulux Design Effects Range) can lift a space from drab to fab (yes, how very cliché of me to say!) From pearl effects to metallics, copper and even glitter, there’s a specialised paint product to help you achieve the look you want for less – Click on any image below to open up a slideshow:

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The Dulux Design Effects Range includes all sorts of beautiful textures and finishes, from opulent metallics to pearls and more industrial concrete and rust looks – View the entire collection here.

Mural & Wallpaper Feature Wall Ideas

An excellent option for the uber creatives among us, creating a mural as a feature wall is not for the faint of heart! Murals and wallpapers are the perfect solution for maximum impact, working well in retail environments as well as in the home.

Custom Printed Images

Can’t seem to find what you want? Create it! There are many businesses that will custom print your selected mural or image onto wallpaper for your home or business. If you are unable to find the perfect fit in their catalogue of images, you are able to supply your own image or artwork provided that the file is of an extremely high quality, i.e. at a resolution that will allow the image to be enlarged without losing its crispness (otherwise you will end up with a giant, blurry mess!)

Whether you opt for a custom made or readily available wallpaper design, there is no denying that the right wallpaper can work wonders in sprucing up a home. Image: Creffield Digital Print


A classic when it comes to creating that perfect accent wall, wallpaper has long been a favourite option for adding texture, colour and pattern to the home. With many advances being made in wallpaper technology, you will find that quality wallpaper will cause no damage whatsoever upon removal, provided it is applied correctly to begin with. If you opt for the DIY route, always seek advice from your wallpaper manufacturer for their best tips to avoid any disappointment down the track.

I am absolutely in LOVE with this bedroom! The bold floral print wallpaper is the perfect fit for this space’s colour scheme, creating a balances and harmonious look. Image: Home Beautiful

Hand Painted

Add a uniquely personal touch by creating your very own hand painted mural. From the nursery to the master bedroom, let your creativity flow! Paint a mural of your child’s favourite characters, get creative with patterns or get wild with bold splashes of colour!

Cherry blossoms painted over a metallic gold finish – Simply stunning! Image: Pinterest

Tiled Feature Walls

Tiles are an obvious choice for wet areas such as the bathroom but can definitely be introduced into other areas of the home such as the kitchen, living area or outdoor dining area for example, as an incredible accent piece. There are so many options available that the possibilities truly are endless: from large format tiles to unique shapes and mosaic murals, tiles are a fantastic choice for creating a luxurious feature in your home!

This design certainly packs a punch! Mosaic tiles are a fantastic way to add colour and interest to any space – they’re not only limited to the bathroom! You can use a mosaic pattern as an accent in your living area or outdoor alfresco area for a real conversation starter! We recommend using epoxy grout (read our guide on epoxy grouting here for more information) for outdoor application as this will minimise any potential discoloration or damage caused by the elements. Image: Home Beautiful

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