Your Complete Wallpaper Guide

A wallpaper feature wall provides the perfect solution for adding colour, pattern and texture to any space, from the bedroom to the living room and even in the bathroom. If you’re considering using wallpaper in your next home decorating project, you’ve certainly come to the right place; Our complete wallpaper guide has you covered (pun intended!).

Wallpaper has certainly come a long way over the years; with significant advances in its overall design and application methods, this popular choice for home decorators the world over is certainly making a comeback!

Wallpaper Guide: Types of Wallpaper

Natural Wallpaper

Best suited for a living area or as a bedroom feature wall, naturally grown materials such as bamboo, grass or cork can be used to create opulent, tactile wallpaper for the home, resulting in a finish that is unique and varied in tone and texture. Due to the use of natural materials, each batch will show slight variations making these wallpapers the perfect solution for those looking for a rich, neutral element in their home.

Metallic & Foil Effect Wallpapers

Bold, elegant and dramatic, metallic or foil effect wallpapers add a shimmering element to your interiors. As metallic finishes are effective at allowing light to reflect through a space, these wallpapers are an ideal fit for homes that do not receive as much natural light as they can assist in creating a sense of openness in the home. Bronze, copper or steel effects are used on the paper to create a luxurious finish, making these wallpapers an ideal fit for those wanting to achieve a rich, luxurious vibe in their home.

Glass Bead Wallpaper

Created using tiny glass beads mounted on the surface of the wallpaper itself, glass bead wallpapers create an enchanting, glittering effect in the home. Beads can be laid in an assortment of designs and motifs, once again allowing light to travel throughout the space to create a magical yet sophisticated look in the home.

Leather Wallpaper

Modern embossing techniques are used to create a simulated leather-look finish for a rustic yet glamorous outcome. Leather-look wallpapers are manufactured using quality vinyl, making this an ideal wall covering for all areas of the home thanks to the material’s durability and ease of maintenance; the sleek, vinyl surface is incredibly easy to maintain and will not absorb any splashes!

Textile & Flock Wallpapers

wallpaper feature wall - Victorian pattern

A nod to the traditional wallpaper designs of the past, textile and flock wallpapers are ideal for those looking for a more classic style in their home. Textile wallpapers feature natural or synthetic fibres applied in a lengthwise or woven design on a fabric backing. These wallpapers offer many benefits, from their flame retardant qualities, stain resistance and even providing an element of sound insulation.

Flock wallpapers feature a 3D design, with short rayon fibres applied to a backing material followed by an electrostatic charge to make them stand vertically, creating that tactile three dimensional effect common in traditional designs of wallpaper.

Wallpaper for Wet Areas

Wallpaper in the bathroom is the perfect choice for creating a dramatic feature wall, injecting your design with colour, movement, pattern and texture.

wallpaper feature wall - art deco powder room
Create a stunning feature wall in your powder room using wallpaper! This fabulous geometric Art Deco design uses metallic gold to contrast against a deep, navy blue for a glamorous look. The perfect compliment to the gold hardware used in this space! Image: Wallpaper from the 70s

Waterproof wallpaper is certainly an excellent option for any wet area of the home, including the bathroom. It is best however, to limit your use of bathroom wallpaper to areas of the room that are not directly touching a basin, shower or bathtub. A splash of water here and there is fine, provided that your bathroom is well ventilated with an extractor fan or window to rid the room of steam. A powder room on the other hand, lends itself extremely well to the use of wallpaper as there is no hot steam to contend with with a simple loo and hand basin. Create the perfect wallpaper feature wall in your powder room using your favourite design to really wow your guests!

Wallpaper Application

If you are taking the DIY route of hanging wallpaper, there are a few things to keep in mind, along with a few tools that you will need to achieve a top quality job. For an in depth step by step guide to hanging your own wallpaper, checkout Bunnings Warehouse’s guide here. Alternatively, you can watch the first of a three part video series created by B&Q below:

If you’d prefer to have your new wallpaper professionally installed, contact your local painter or decorator to discuss your project. Make sure you’ve already had a browse of the different types of wallpaper available so you can make an informed decision on the look, finish and style you want achieve together with your hired professional.

How much does it cost to wallpaper a room?

Should you prefer to have a professional install your wallpaper (which we would recommend for a lasting, professional finish as well as for any complex materials) you can contact a local painter or decorator to discuss your options. As one can expect, the final cost of your wallpaper installation will vary and is dependent on several factors, ranging from the material of wallpaper used, the extent of the project, any specific site constraints (such as accessibility issues for example) and the condition of your existing walls.

wallpaper feature wall living room
Image: Pixabay

In Australia, wallpapering usually starts at about $30.00 – $50.00 m2 for installation, plus the cost of the wallpaper itself. The total labour cost will usually be around $200 – $600+ per room, depending on your project’s unique requirements. Taking the above points into consideration however, this cost can vary and we would always recommend discussing your individual needs with a local painter or decorator. You’ll find more information regarding pricing here to help you out together your budget.

Other Creative Wallpaper Ideas

Visual Tricks using Wallpaper

With creative and deliberate use of wallpaper colours and patterns, you can play around with a room’s dimensions to create the illusion of more (or less!) space, depending on your desired outcome. Vertical striped wallpaper for example, will add height and a dramatic touch to any space while horizontal stripes will elongate the room, creating a sense of openness. A dark, boldly patterned paper will in turn, create a cosy and comforting vibe in any room, ideal for a reading nook or bedroom where you want to feel warm and cosy.

Creating a Wallpaper Feature Wall

It’s super simple to create a striking feature wall with the use of wallpaper, after all, the design you choose will do all the talking! Botanical wallpapers are all the rage in the world of interiors, with exotic designs ranging from lush tropical greenery to soft, colourful florals.

Your wallpaper feature wall should be the focal point of the space. In a bedroom for example, use the wall directly behind your bed as your feature wall. In a living area on the other hand, you would opt for creating a feature of the wall behind your television set. Wallpaper provides the perfect, fuss free solution for an opulent finish in any room. For more wallpaper feature wall ideas and inspiration, checkout our post to help get those creative juices flowing.

Creative uses for Leftover Wallpaper

So you’ve completed your decorating project: What can you do with the leftover scraps of wallpaper? Scraps can be used in many decorative ways around the home, from creating your own unique framed prints, scrapbooking or even as a backing paper for your bookshelves as shown in the example below.

wallpaper feature wall bedhead
Image: Pixabay

Quality wallpaper offers the perfect solution for adding a creative, decadent touch to any home with an incredible range of patterns, colours, finishes and even materials to choose from. As you can see in this post, the possibilities truly are endless when it comes to creating a truly unique statement or wallpaper feature wall in your home!

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wallpaper feature wall bedroom
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