Amish-inspired Furniture you can Add to your Contemporary Bedroom

Do you want your bedroom to have a more contemporary look? Then you may draw inspiration from Amish-inspired furniture pieces specifically meant for the bedroom. One great thing about Amish bedroom sets is that they often consist of timeless and classic pieces crafted using the finest hardwoods. These pieces are truly beautiful and attractive and known to have an appeal and style that can last for quite a long time.

Going for an Amish decorating scheme for your bedroom can also present you with several options. This means that you will not be limited to a single decorating style because you can find plenty of classic Amish pieces that complement well with the theme and style you prefer your bedroom to display.

Wooden Bed

The bed is always the centerpiece of any bedroom. If you want your bedroom to have a contemporary theme with a touch of the Amish culture, though, then consider going for any of those made of solid wood. Make sure to pick the perfect type of wood for your bed but do not base your decision solely on what is trendy. It is because high-quality Amish furniture can be expected to last for many generations, even outlasting the recent trends.

When picking the right kind of wooden bed spend time analyzing the footboard and headboard options available for you. Find out if a high headboard is suitable for the room and whether or not it will block a window. You may also want to pick a low footboard option if you want to have enough room and space to stretch your legs.

Aside from the style, it is also advisable to figure out what size perfectly fits your room. Also, take note that Amish-inspired beds are often equipped with various options in terms of drawers underneath. It would be best to pick drawers in different directions and sizes as such will let you design your bedroom any way you want. You may also want a bed that has a wall unit as it is a practical and luxurious solution for decorating your bedroom.

Bedside Chests and Nightstands

Aside from the bed, you may also want to check out nightstands and bedside chests built by Amish furniture manufacturers. Note that nightstands make a great addition to any contemporary bedroom inspired by the Amish. They serve as extensions of your bed. Nightstands and bedside chests are also the perfect spots to put your bedside lamps to.

You can also put your phone, alarm clock, and books here so they are within easy reach. Go for nightstands and bedside chests made of contemporary wood. Naturally, you will be needing a couple of nightstands in the master’s bedroom. You will be putting one of it on each side. With that in mind, ensure that there is enough space for the two.

Also, take note that nightstands and bedside chests are completely different items. They are the same as far as width is concerned but nightstands are usually shorter than bedside chests and equipped with combined drawers on top. Bedside chests, on the other hand, are usually on the taller side. They often feature a few single-column drawers that you can use for storage. Find out which between the two will perfectly showcase the vibe that you want your bedroom to give out before making your choice.


Drawers are also among the pieces of furniture that your contemporary bedroom should have. In this case, you may want to check out Amish-made beds that already come with a few drawers underneath. Note that most beds inspired by the Amish have this cool feature of putting drawers beneath them.

The good thing about this is that you can choose drawers in various directions and sizes. Your choice will depend on the amount of storage space you specifically need and the final setup and design of your bedroom. It is also advisable to customize the footboard’s size so it can perfectly match your preferred style.

Wall Decorations

Do not forget to breathe life into your bedroom’s walls by decorating them, too. Take note that the Amish are famous for their faith and spirituality so if you want your contemporary bedroom to be inspired by them, then it also helps to add some inspirational signage.

You may want to fill up some parts of your wall with inspirational sayings handcrafted from wood. What’s good about these inspirational wall visuals is that they can add more positivity to your bedroom. For instance, you can look at them upon waking up and before sleeping at night so you will feel inspired and fill your mind with positive thoughts.

Amish-made Quilts

Note that you can’t say that your bedroom is inspired by the Amish if it does not have quilts. Go for quilts that are genuinely Amish-made if you want to bring out a more authentic look. Hang at least one of them on your wall and make it the room’s focal point. A wise tip is to go for barnyard scenes, pleasant country prints, and framed paintings as they usually represent the Amish culture in any room.

Also, take note that window dressings in Amish households usually include utilitarian roller shades capable of providing privacy. For your bedroom, consider going for simple window treatments, like Roman blinds that have beige or white shades or muslin-tab curtains.

Other Things to Take Note Of

Aside from the basics mentioned above, take note that you can also further capture the style of Amish bedrooms through well-crafted reproductions and antiques. You may want to add baskets and crocks as they also make appealing displays while serving as the perfect spot to store some items, like crafting materials, toy collections, and magazines.

It is also possible to replicate the lighting spirit applied by the Amish by decorating your shelf with a collection of vintage oil lamps. You can further evoke an Amish-inspired atmosphere in your bedroom by choosing hardwood as your flooring material.

This post has been written by our friends at Amish Furniture Factory, Ioawa.

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