The Block 2020 Room Reveal Week 2: Guest Ensuites

Following our review of the Guest Bedroom reveals last week, today we’re looking at The Block’s exciting Guest Ensuite renovations. There seems to a be few mixed reviews on our couple’s efforts this week so let’s dive right in and see just how each team did!

Harry and Tash – Judge’s Score: 21.5/30

  • The Block Ensuite Renovation
  • Patterned Floor Tiles
  • Encaustic tiles
  • Blue tiles

Following an excellent first week, Victorian father and daughter duo Harry and Tash seem to have struggled with this weeks Guest Ensuite challenge. The space they had to work with was the smallest bathroom on the show, furthering their struggle which unfortunately lead to a few issues from the judges: Shaynna in particular commented on their choice of floor tiles not quite fitting into the 1920s design brief while the the judges also raised a concern that underfloor heating had not been included in what should have been a luxury Brighton bathroom design. The team did however, include subtle nods to the architecture of the 1920s with a curved mirror cabinet and matching curved edges to the bathroom vanity.

Sourced from Beaumont Tiles, I feel that the team could have used some tips on creating a suitable colour palette in their Ensuite design. A more Art Deco inspired patterned floor tile would have been suitable for the 1920s era, paired with a navy or even duck egg blue feature wall tile, once again tying in to the era’s infamous colour palette while still offering a modern bathroom design. The bright blue feature tile they’ve selected just screams public swimming pool to me!

Sarah & George – Judge’s Score: 27/30

  • The Block Ensuite Renovation

Following their upset in week one, Western Sydney couple Sarah and George could breathe a sigh of relief this week after receiving excellent feedback from our judges. Receiving a very well deserved 27 points, the couple created a visually stunning and well planned ensuite, only just missing out on the win this week. Creating a stunning combination of 1940s era and modern styling, the judges were especially pleased with the couple’s choice of colour palette. The addition of the wall used to separate the shower and toilet enclosures was also well received, earning the team a load of brownie points from the judges for their well thought out bathroom plan.

Daniel & Jade – Judge’s Score: 23/30

  • The Block Ensuite Renovation
  • Art Deco Bathroom
  • Maeble wall tiles
  • Art Deco Vanity

A tough week for South Australian farmer duo Daniel and Jade following the death of Daniel’s grandfather. After having to briefly leave The Block, the team returned hoping for a great review of their guest ensuite renovation however, the judges were not impressed with their efforts. The judges agreed that the space had not quite met the brief, with the only 1930s era inspiration being the mirror. They did however, comment on how very contemporary the design was and that it was in fact a very well planned out bathroom.

I would have to disagree with the judges on this one! This design was in fact, perfect for a 1930s inspired bathroom: luxurious marble-look wall tiles, bold black lines contrasting the soft curves of the basin and wall mirrors: Very Art Deco! The Art Deco period (well known for its heavy use of luxurious natural stones such as marble as well as bold structured lines that are contrasted with soft, elegant curves…) came to an end in the mid-30s, making this design fit right into the time period. Their overall planning is also excellent; I especially liked the addition of the wall shelf in the shower which provides a perfect storage area for lotions and shampoos. Judges, I think you done these guys dirty!

Luke & Jasmin – Judge’s Score: 25.5/30

  • The Block Ensuite Renovation
  • Oak vanity unit
  • Gold shower
  • The Block Ensuite Renovation

An improvement on last week’s Guest Bedroom, Western Australia team Luke and Jasmin were inspired by their discussion with judge Darren Palmer who provided some clarity and tips on what the 1910s era is all about. Their efforts definitely paid off this week – This bathroom is simply stunning! The space includes several key features of the 1910s era with a textured glass shower screen, VJ paneling and luscious wall sconces that perfectly complement the design’s gold metallic features. It looks like these two are now on the right track to create the perfect 1910s inspired renovation!

Jimmy & Tam – Judge’s Score: 28.5/30

  • The Block Ensuite Renovation
  • Green Bathroom
  • Terrazzo tiles bathroom
  • Gold Shower

Our Brisbane couple Jimmy and Tam were, once again, this week’s winners with their colourful 1950s inspired guest ensuite renovation. Although judge Darren likened the space to a public pool, the comment was made in a sentimental way(!). The use of trending terrazzo tiles and matching stool really set the design apart, with the whole scheme being highlighted by metallic gold fittings and aquamarine feature tiles (with a matching basin) to complete their 1950s inspired colour palette.

Although I enjoyed several elements of this design (mainly the terrazzo tiles and gold features) I did feel that their feature tile layout didn’t do them any favours. In terms of colour, I do agree that they nailed their colour palette however, they should have instead created a distinct feature wall OR used the feature tiles in a uniform height throughout the space rather than the blocks of colour they’ve created. The tile layout gives off a rather patchy look and in my opinion, cheapens the entire design. I did however, love their use of lighting in the space with the LED strips giving off a delightfully warm glow in the design.

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