The Block 2020 Room Reveal Week 3: Master Bedroom & Walk-in Wardrobes

Today we’re looking at The Block’s Master Bedroom and walk-in wardrobe reveals from last night’s episode. Once again, we’re seeing a fair few mixed reviews on our couple’s efforts this week with fans torn over the winning design while wondering if other contestants should have received a better score. Let’s have a look at how each team went!

Harry and Tash – Judge’s Score: 25.5/30

  • Master Bedroom Harry and Tash

This week’s winners, the father and daughter duo from Victoria created a colourful 1920s inspired Master Bedroom and walk-in wardrobe. The room was much bigger than the space other contestants had to work with so the team took advantage of their Hipages lever – an interesting move which although did pay off for them this week, I wonder if it was perhaps used too early in the competition. The judges commented on the design’s grand and glamorous features with Shaynna being especially pleased at their choice of carpet after the team had received some criticism over their choice in Week 1’s Guest Bedroom challenge.

The Grafico wallpaper was a bold and colourful inclusion, making for a great feature wall in the space. I do question their choice of colour palette though; the colours do seem to work well together however the peacock green bedhead seems to just blend into the wallpaper, not making much of a statement at all. A soft rose coloured bedhead may have been a better choice that would have created some level of contrast between the bedhead itself and the feature wall while also connecting the room’s soft furnishings to the rest of the room for a more balanced look. I did however love their walk-in wardrobe (although I must agree with the judges that the hanging rails were definitely a tad too high! A pull-down rail would have been a perfect solution here) and especially liked the inclusion of a dressing table (a common theme in this week’s room reveals), making this a multi-purpose area of the Master Bedroom as it can also be used as a desk in a pinch. The framed, wall mounted television was another delightful touch, boasting a luxurious mirror finish that created a bright atmosphere.

Winner-worthy? The room had some lovely points however, I do feel that some of the other teams managed to create not only a better looking design but also made more of an effort to meet the brief.

Sarah & George – Judge’s Score: 23/30

  • Master Bedroom Sarah and George

Western Sydney couple Sarah and George created a stylish 1940s inspired Master Bedroom, complete with a stunning restored ceiling rose (dubbed Ceiling Dion!). Shaynna commented on the bed head being overpowered by the bold Grafico wallpaper (interestingly enough, that was somehow not an issue with the winning team’s design…). I’d have to disagree on this one: The bedhead being overpowered by the wallpaper isn’t the issue here! I’d say the bedhead stands out TOO much and a more complementary colour should have been used instead of the deep red which somehow manages to pull ALL of your attention towards it. The fireplace and lighting fixture were both excellent touches while the walk-in wardrobe was also lovely, if a little on the dark side, with the judges commenting that although it was functional, it lacked a certain amount of glamour suitable for a high end property. All in all, a lovely room however, it could use a bit more polish!

Daniel & Jade – Judge’s Score: 25/30

  • Master Bedroom Daniel and Jade

Just narrowly missing out on the win, South Australian team Daniel and Jade created a stunning 1930s inspired Master Bedroom that I believe absolutely nailed the brief. Their colour scheme of navy blue and mustard was accented by an assortment of luxurious accessories and the storage unit worked as the perfect showpiece in their design. The colour scheme was perfectly complemented by the Art Deco styled wallpaper, creating the perfect feature wall behind the bed. The judges did question the team’s decision not to use a king sized bed, however the overall feedback was that the design of the bedroom and walk-in wardrobe gave off a very Hollywood-glam look.

The judges feedback seems to be a little inconsistent when it comes Daniel and Jade’s work. Last week’s Ensuite design boasted a classic Art Deco vibe however, the feedback they received was that the look simply did not ‘fit in the era’ so it sure is interesting to see that THIS very Art Deco inspired look was praised…

Luke & Jasmin – Judge’s Score: 25/30

  • Master Bedroom Luke and Jasmin

Another team that only just missed out on the win, Western Australian duo Luke and Jasmin have created an absolute show-stopper of a 1910s inspired Master Bedroom! Although I’m not usually fond of four-poster beds, their choice was simply perfect for the space with the bold, black structured lines reflected in the walk-in wardrobe and wall mounted TV mirror to tie the scheme together, proving that when used properly, this style of bed really can work! The judges once again questioned the team’s decision not to use a king sized bed while also commenting on the fact that their walk-in wardrobe was a little too small with not quite enough storage as one would expect. The cosy window seat and coastal Federation style was a hit however, with a perfectly styled space that really showed off the room’s overall design.

Jimmy & Tam – Judge’s Score: 21.5/30

  • Master Bedroom Jimmy and Tam

Our Queensland couple Jimmy and Tam once again created a visually stunning design with their 1950s inspired Master Bedroom and walk-in wardrobe being an absolute hit with fans. The judges however were disappointed with their decision to install the wardrobe next to the ensuite, meaning that the user would have to walk through the ensuite to access the wardrobe. Key highlights of the space included the extravagant floor to ceiling fireplace and chimney along with the room’s high ceiling and Palm Springs style bed. Their chosen colour palette was absolutely perfect with soft yellows layered over blush tones and deeper terracotta hues to create a warm and vibrant Master Bedroom design.

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