The Block 2020 Room Reveal Week 10: Front Garden & Facade

Following the excitement and madness that was Hell Week, the teams have now moved to the outdoors to put their finishing touches on each home’s facade and front garden on The Block. There have certainly been some amazing looks created this week, each including several unique features that tie each home’s theme and era together.

Harry and Tash – Judge’s Score: 26/30

  • The Block 2020 - Front Garden
  • The Block 2020 - Front Garden
  • The Block 2020 - Front Garden
  • The Block 2020 - Front Garden

After an emotional week, our Melbourne father and daughter team came in last place leaving Tash absolutely shattered after all their hard work. The team are facing huge issues with their budget so this is of course a rather big blow. Although the judges were impressed with their choice of white bricks which effectively brightened up the outdoor area, the general consensus was that the design was simply too busy. The steps and the archway provided some depth and dimension to the front garden that was filled with gorgeous plants however, the overall design would have greatly benefited from more simple lawn space. Let’s hope these two can pull it together for next week!

Sarah & George – Judge’s Score: 29/30

Tying for the win with Jimmy and Tam, Sarah and George created a cosy atmosphere in their front garden design that stays true to their home’s 1940’s era thanks to their use of period features such as the front door, outdoor lighting fixtures and window frames. The coloured bricks were also another highlight of the design, as was the inclusion of a 200 year old grass tree (lovingly named Lola!) The team had a little help from Dave Franklin who’s team created an absolutely perfect landscape in this Brighton home – All in all, a very impressive look that was simple, elegant and respectful to the home’s heritage.

Daniel & Jade – Judge’s Score: 28/30

Being one of the biggest facades of all the homes, Daniel and Jade had to work pretty darn hard to finish up this week! The judges were rather impressed with the team’s efforts with their only critique being that the decking could have been better finished to tie in with the outdoor area’s colour palette. I especially loved their use of period style features that once again, really paid respect to the home’s heritage, creating a cosy vibe in their outdoor space.

Luke & Jasmin – Judge’s Score: 28/30

Carrying their ‘curvy’ theme to the outdoors, Luke and Jasmin included a lovely outdoor setting for the new owners to hang out in, making for a comfortable outdoor space. The new trees will also eventually grow to provide shade and privacy to the residence: an excellent selling point. Judge Neale was not as impressed with the team’s selection of water feature however, this did not seem to phase Jasmin and to be fair, it really was a lovely addition to the outdoor area!

Jimmy & Tam – Judge’s Score: 29/30

A Palm Springs inspired outdoor area was a very fitting choice for Jimmy and Tam’s 1950’s inspired home. Elements of the era are also spotted in the team’s use of blocks and patterns, recalling the designs made famous by this period. A spacious decking finished off Jimmy and Tams outdoor space, tying for the win with Sarah and George this week. Judge Darren commented that he would have liked to see more greenery in the front garden and I would have to agree! Shaynna especially loved the peach toned front door – an interesting colour choice by Jimmy and Tam this week who have been no strangers in the past to using exciting colours in their designs. Although a very 1950’s inspired colour choice, I do feel that there was nothing else included in the design to tie the look together; perhaps a different colour choice would have worked better while still drawing inspiration from the 1950’s era.

Another exciting week on The Block draws to a close with some interesting and very lush spaces created – As always, we’re all looking forward to seeing how the teams fare come auction day!

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