Grout free Bathroom Solutions: Ideas for a Groutless Bathroom Design

A grout free bathroom is ideal when you are hoping to minimise the amount of time and effort spent cleaning the home. Thankfully, there are many exciting solutions available to help you create a groutless bathroom design scheme, from oversized porcelain sheets or rectified porcelain tiles to engineered stone panels, acrylic bathroom sheets and more!

Porcelain Sheets

Porcelain tiles have always been a favourite choice in the bathroom and now, with the rise in popularity of porcelain sheets, we finally have a completely grout-free option. Porcelain sheets provide a highly water resistant surface finish that is also stain, heat and scratch resistant with proper use. Being an almost completely non-porous product, porcelain will not absorb liquids, leading to a low maintenance option for your bathroom walls.

You will find brands such as Dekton for example, include a large range of designer porcelain panel options that are perfect for creating a low maintenance bathroom design scheme. These panels are available in a variety of thicknesses with ultra-thin options available that are specifically designed for vertical applications.

Dekton - Grout Free Bathroom porcelain sheets
This sleek and modern bathroom design uses the Dekton product in the colour Keon to create a groutless bathroom floor and wall finish.

Engineered Stone Wall Panels

Engineered stone products are made using a combination of natural quartz and resins to create a supremely durable surface finish that has many uses throughout your home’s interior design scheme. From kitchen design to bathroom fitouts, engineered stone can be used to create a wondrously low maintenance space as it is scratch, stain, water and even heat resistant. Unlike natural stone products which are porous (meaning they can easily absorb liquids which if not attended to swiftly, can lead to discolouration or staining) engineered stones will not require sealing in order to maintain their surface finish, making them an excellent choice when ongoing maintenance is a concern.

Popular brands such as Caesarstone for example, include an extensive range of options in different price tiers to help you find the perfect match for your bathroom design style and renovation budget.

Caesarstone Grout free bathroom design
Caesarstone’s extensive collection includes a variety of options to choose from whether you are looking for a classic, contemporary, rustic or industrial look in your new bathroom design scheme. These engineered stone products can be used as a groutless bathroom wall cladding, a vanity benchtop, within a shower niche and even as a bath surround for an easy to clean surface finish.

Laminex Aquapanel

The Australian brand Laminex is most famous for their highly durable and stylish collection of laminate products that can be used for cabinetry and benchtops however, the brand’s collection also includes options in decorative wall finishes that are perfect for the bathroom. Laminex’s Aquapanel collection includes tiled-look options, ribbed finishes and sleek, smooth surface options in a large panel format that will create a grout free bathroom experience. These melamine panels are designed to withstand the humidity and moisture of a home’s bathroom, providing a wall surface option that is simple to maintain and does away with the issue of cleaning bathroom grout.

Laminex Aquapanel - Grout free Bathroom Wall Ideas
Modern and stylish, Laminex’s Aquapanel is available in a range of impressive options to help you create the perfect look in your groutless bathroom design scheme. View the brochure here.

Acrylic Sheets

A popular option for a groutless bathroom design, acrylic wall panels offer a water resistant finish that is simple to maintain. Although scratching can often be a concern with highly polished, glossy surfaces (in which case, we would always recommend they be cleaned with a soft cloth to easily buff out any marks) these surface options are usually renewable in the sense that they can be professionally polished and rejuvenated over time if necessary. An excellent, lightweight and shatterproof alternative to glass, acrylic panels are available in a wide range of custom colour and image options to help you add a unique and personal touch to your bathroom design scheme.

Akril - Grout Free Bathroom feature wall panels
Manufactured right here in Australia, Akril’s range of bathroom wall panels offer a dynamic feature element with options available in solid colours, metallic options, patterns and even high definition images as shown in this contemporary bathroom design.


A unique, solid surface material, Corian is made up of two thirds natural minerals (bauxite) and one third acrylic binder. A silica-free product, solid surface materials were first created as a no-porous and super-hygienic solution for laboratories and have since made their place in the world of design. This product offers many unique benefits; it can be easily manipulated and formed into just about any shape or design you can imagine, it can be cut into and etched to create elaborately detailed designs or patterns, certain colour options can be back-lit for a dramatic effect and of course, it can also be used to create a seamless, grout free wall cladding solution for the bathroom!

Corain Bathroom Wall Panels
The incredibly versatile Corian material features in this modern bathroom design scheme as a decorative wall finish that is seamless, grout free and incredibly simple to maintain. Corian is a renewable product, meaning it can be professionally rejuvenated over time if necessary to bring it back to its original finish.

Rectified Edge Porcelain Tiles

If you are hoping to use bathroom tiles in place of the sheet style products noted above but you’re still concerned about cleaning and maintaining grout, you may want to consider seeking out porcelain tiles with a rectified edge. These tiles are cut to a precise 45 degree angle along the edges, allowing for a super-sharp and narrow grout line that is only a few millimetres thick – Virtually unnoticeable!

If cleaning grout is a hassle you’d prefer to do without in your new bathroom design, these options offer you a world of possibilities! From engineered stones, acrylic panels, porcelain wall panels and more, you are sure to find the ideal solution that will meet your style and budget requirements.

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