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Materials & Finishes: Choosing The Right Carpet

Our in depth guide to choosing the best carpet for your home.,

Carpet Types

There are many things to consider when choosing the right carpet for your home. Our clients all seem to be after the same thing: low maintenance! We’ve put together a quick guide explaining the basics about choosing the right carpet to suit you…

When choosing a carpet, be sure to consider: colour, texture, fibre type, warranty, environmental credentials and allergy rating. Obviously it all comes down to the mighty dollar in most cases however, we do try our best to make sure clients get the best value!

Due to an increase in the use of timber, slate flooring and other natural textures in the home, we have seen an increase in the popularity of neutral toned carpets. These carpets have been specifically designed to blend in with these materials and create a feeling of comfort and safety. Greys are a good option if you’re not a fan of beige and neutrals but be sure to use darker tones in larger rooms as these colours tend to make a space seem much smaller.

There are three main categories of carpet: the cut pile, loop pile and a combination of the two; please note, there are many name variations and sub categories of carpets so we’ve simply put together a summary of the key things to know when shopping for carpets!

Cut Pile carpets have a more luxurious texture. This type of carpet has 3 subcategories: the resilient hard twist, a softer plush pile and shag/chunky cut piles. The fibres in the resilient hard twist type maintain their twist. The fibres in a plush pile stand up straight and the shag/chunky piles have a more messy look to them. The cut pile type of carpet can often show footprints (which can be vacuumed away) and does sometimes develop a sort of patchiness to the colour. Over time, the carpet can seem lighter here and darker there: this is called ‘shading’ and it does not signify a defect in the carpet but rather, is a popular look that creates interest and texture. This is caused by the large fibres in the carpet that over time, have been permanently bent and reflect light differently.

Loop Pile carpets can offer a classic or casual look depending on the overall style of the space. These carpets are much easier to maintain than the cut piles and do add that lovely touch of texture to your floors. They do not show footprints and hide the mess quite well! Loop piles suit high traffic areas and homes with youngsters running around as they are hard wearing and are definitely lower maintenance.

Combination loop carpets are those with a mixture of cut and loop piles. These often have a pattern to them and can go well with any look in the home depending on the type of pattern you choose. They are great for adding interest and texture to an otherwise bland room. These carpets do however, have a mixture of the pros and cons of the cut and the loop pile.

Images: www.caldwellcarpet.com, ajantafloorconcepts.com, www.allfloorsexpress.co.uk.



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