7 Top Kitchen Design Trends


Forever feared in the kitchen due to its porous nature and constant maintenance, marble is now making a long overdue comeback in the world of kitchen design in the form of composite stone. As an engineered stone made to simulate the look of marble, composite stones require no sealing, are easy to keep clean and do not stain as readily as natural marble would. Read about the properties of composite stone here.

Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo Source: www.caesarstone.com.au
Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo
Source: http://www.caesarstone.com.au

Black Tapware & Appliances

With the trend of using black glass induction cooktops, we are now seeing even more kitchen products becoming available in a black finish: from black tapware and black glass sink drainers, to black appliances and cabinet handles. Black offers a luxurious and bold element to the space and looks stunning in almost any colour scheme!

Franke Epos Glass Range Source: www.franke.com
Franke Epos Glass Range
Source: http://www.franke.com

Materials & Textures

Combining various textures and materials is a classic trend that seems to be here to stay. Combine timbers with natural stone or a natural-look stone to create a classic combination. If you are after a modern look, try using stainless steel as kickboard or as a benchtop. Introduce textures into your space by using textured laminates, timber veneers or even textured paint.

Fusion of Materials & Textures Source: www.interiorzine.com
Fusion of Materials & Textures
Source: http://www.interiorzine.com


Another luxurious trend in kitchens is the use of mirrors; not so much as a kickboard anymore but more as a stylish choice of splashback. Regular silver mirrors, grey mirrors or even bronze tinted mirrors can offer a luxurious element to your kitchen and look stunning when placed directly across a window to reflect the outdoors: serving to further bring the outdoors in.

Mirrored Splashback Source: www.indesigns.com.au
Mirrored Splashback
Source: http://www.indesigns.com.au

Bold Splashbacks

The never-ending search for that ‘something different’ has lead people to start being a little more adventurous with their splashback. Rather than just the plain, coloured glass splashbacks, we’re seeing glass splashbacks with paintings, wallpaper patterns and landscapes. Other popular splashback options include mosaic tiles, natural stones and pressed metals.

Bisazza Mosaic Splashback Source: www.bisazza.com
Bisazza Mosaic Splashback
Source: http://www.bisazza.com

Stainless Steel

Making its first appearance in commercial kitchens, stainless steel is increasingly being used in the home for benchtops and kickboards. Best known for it’s industrial feel and hygienic properties, stainless steel suits a more contemporary home.

Stainless Steel Benchtop & Sink Source: www.stainlesssteelspecialist.com.au
Stainless Steel Benchtop & Sink
Source: http://www.stainlesssteelspecialist.com.au


Lighting is unfortunately, an often overlooked element in a kitchen. Lighting must always be taken into consideration throughout the design process rather than at the very last minute! Pendant lights, stylish task lighting and even wall sconces are all making appearances in modern kitchens, as well as bold center pieces such as classic chandeliers in the center of the kitchen. LED strips also look gorgeous when used beneath overhead cupboards or below your bar seating in the kitchen. Turn off all your lights and leave only the LED strips to provide your adjacent living area with a soft, ambient glow.

Lucretia Tiffany Vintage Pendant Lamp Source: www.lucretiashop.com.au
Lucretia Tiffany Vintage Pendant Lamp
Source: http://www.lucretiashop.com.au