Inspirational Art: Creating A Decorating Scheme Inspired by Art

Abstract Original by Salvador Roman
Click to view: Abstract Original by Salvador Roman

The best way to go about creating a decorating scheme for your home is to choose a standout piece; one piece that you really want to shine and base your design around it. We’ve created a new decorating scheme for our Living Room based on this wonderful painting by Salvador Roman, found on Invaluable, the world’s largest online auction marketplace of fine and decorative arts, antiques, collectibles, and estate sales.

Invaluable boasts an astonishing collection of masterpieces to suit just about every taste and style: Click here to view their amazing collection of paintings!

Drawing inspiration from Roman’s wonderfully colourful and slightly ominous painting, we’ve put together a Neo Classic decorating scheme to compliment the work. Roman’s work can be interpreted in many different ways, as is the course for any abstract art. Our interpretation was a wonderful dream spoiled by a horrid nightmare! The painting seems to almost show a glimmer of paradise with a horrid darkness blocking it from sight.

Diamond Interiors

Picking out colours from the piece such as chalky white, sapphire, burnt orange and copper, each item in our scheme adds that little bit more to the story.

The floor is carpeted in a wonderfully plush charcoal carpet, with gleaming white specks throughout, furthering the idea of the darkness not allowing the light to shine through. We’ve added a matching sofa (just to really drill it in!) to create the perfect backdrop for our selected accessories. After all, our star in this story is our painting! We wanted the painting and the accessories to be that touch of colour and cheer in an otherwise dark space.

Silk cushions in sapphire and copper add a glamorous touch of colour, while the matching copper finished side table and ottoman complete the look.

We’ve used a chalky white on the wall with just a hint of warmth to offset the darkness of the flooring. The story is complete with a hopeful glimmer of light in our Tiffany inspired oversized pendant light, using bold structured black lines to reflect the furniture and ultimately tie the entire scheme together, from floor to ceiling.

If you are interested in any of the pieces we’ve used to create this look, do feel free to contact us for further information and suppliers.