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Scandinavian Decor

Nordic design embodies three key characteristics: simplicity, minimalism and functionality. The core value behind this design movement is that beautiful designs should not be a luxury afforded only to the rich, but accessible to all. The Scandinavian interior design style first became popular in the 1950s and is still going strong today. Read on for our Top 5 Tips on achieving the look in your home:


  1. Make use of predominately white wall finishes, such as white tiles or white paint.
  2. Create a contrasting floor with charcoal floor tiles, dark timber stains, etc.
  3. Use timber stools, tables or accessories as accents to add warmth and texture to your space.
  4. Smooth, clean lines paired with a natural texture such as natural stone or timber create the clash between sleek and rustic that is the essence of Scandinavian design.
  5. Keep your fittings and appliances minimal in style.
Scandinavian Bathroom1
A simple beveled white subway tile contrasts well with the smooth charcoal floor tiles. Grey grout has been used on the walls, further accentuating the brick pattern of the subway tiles, while also creating a connection between the floor and wall tile colours.
Scandinavian Bathroom
The use of natural materials such as timber and marble works well in a Scandinavian inspired interior scheme. Details such as the thin timber frame around the mirror, minimalist chrome fittings and open shelving complete the look in this bathroom.
Scandinavian Bathroom2
This bathroom embodies everything we love about Nordic design! A clash of natural and industrial textures, this space feels sleek and modern while still maintaining that natural charm. Use recycled timber to re-create this vanity, or an old timber ladder as your new towel rail.
This stunning kitchen almost fades into the background with all white floors, walls, cabinetry and benches, allowing the rustic timber dining table and gold metallic surface of the pendant light be the stars of the show.
Featuring a soothing combination of warm timber against a white and brown/charcoal colour palette, this kitchen also presents a pop of colour in the lime green stools. Sleek, clean lines are present in the aluminium handles as well as the feature pendant lighting.

All images featured in this post were sourced from Pinterest.

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