Book Review: The Ghost & The Haunted Mansion (Haunted Bookshop Mystery Book #5) By: Alice Kimberly

The Ghost & The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Bookshop Mystery Books are perhaps, one of my favourite series. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the books so far and just recently picked this particular one up off my shelf and read it again; let me tell you, it truly was as thrilling the second time around as it was the first!

Our star of the show, Pen has befriended the ghost of 1940s detective, Jack Shepherd who haunts the mystery bookstore she runs with her Aunt Sadie. In the adventure of ‘The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion’, the local mailman (Seymour) inherits a gorgeous Victorian home that is of course, shrouded in mystery – everything from murder to withcraft and of course, a haunting of its own!

Our favourite mailman toys with the idea of performing an exorcism of the entire town to be rid of these spirits once and for all. Pen, desperate to hold onto her ghostly detective, warns against it while also trying to solve the mystery of who killed the previous owner of the Victorian mansion and why, as well as trying to protect Seymour from suffering the same fate.

My favourite part of this series is the highly entertaining and unconventional relationship between Pen and Jack. Jack’s comments on life, women and most importantly on the mysterious happenings in Pen’s small town (Quindicott, Rhode Island) often amuse, confuse and even annoy our heroine Pen. He invites Pen into his memories through her dreams as he tries to assist her in uncovering the truth behind the mansion’s history and the mysteries surrounding it.

A highly recommended read for any lover of the cozy mystery theme, I guarantee you will enjoy every thrilling minute of it! Click here to order your copy!

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