Top 10 Creative Bookshelves You Will Want in Your Home!

What better way to showcase not just your favourite books but also your photos, knick-knacks and more than with a creatively constructed bookshelf!\. In searching for a unique bookshelf for my own home, I stumbled across these amazing creative bookshelves on Pinterest and thought I’d share! Which is your favourite?

Loving the DIY aspect of this industrial looking bookshelf made of wooden crates. The fairy lights are a great touch too!
This looked to me like the labyrinth of books until I realised the panels spell out READ YOUR BOOK CASE!
The DIY aspect of this bookshelf is amazing – I wasn’t able to find the link to the tutorial so please post in the comments if you know of it!
A great idea for making use of the space under the stairs, this bookshelf is genius and looks spectacular!
I’ve never been too keen on the idea of having super large frames just leaning on walls – I’m much too clumsy for that! But a bookshelf – Now we’re onto something!
Another industrial themed bookshelf, the designer here has used panels atop a black frame to create the shelves. This would also work well with exposed pipework.
I can see this bookshelf working well in a children’s bedroom or playroom – A Magical Tree-house inspired space for your child!
And of course, a nod to Doctor Who. This is the bookshelf of my dreams! If it lights up and gets noisy, now that would just be perfect!
A super cozy book-nook built into a gutted wardrobe; clever! Wishing I had a spare closet to try out this idea but alas, I’m bordering on hoarder status… An excuse for a mass clean out, perhaps?
Most period style homes in Melbourne do have these gorgeous old fireplaces which unfortunately, don’t get used anymore and are usually either boarded up or left as a feature. This is a beautiful way of re-purposing a defunct fireplace.

Images: All images found on Pinterest – Although I was unable to find the original source of these, they were most definitely worth sharing! If you do happen to come across the creators, please contact here as I’d love to be able to credit them.

So which is your favourite of these brilliantly creative bookshelves?!

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