6 Steps to Creating a Beautiful Nursery

Decorating your baby’s bedroom can be one of the most exciting tasks when preparing for a new little person in your family. The following 6 steps will help take the guess work out of arranging your new Nursery, allowing you to spend your time focusing on the more important things!


1. Colour Schemes

Firstly, consider the colour scheme you are after in the space: traditionally most parents-to-be will paint the walls in pink or blue depending on the little one’s gender however, you may also consider a gender neutral theme (greens, purples, etc.) or a more “adult” approach where you would paint the walls in a neutral colour such as white or grey and introduce bursts of colour in your decor (wall stickers, artwork, toys, furniture and soft furnishings). The appeal of this option is that as your child grows, the space will be easily adaptable to suit: less work down the track and your child will have a stylish bedroom they can always re-decorate when they like!

A gender neutral nursery style is easily adaptable as your child grows. Image Source

2. Flooring

Select a floor finish that will be easy to clean; a nursery or child’s room is more often than not a magnet for messy little accidents! If the space is carpeted, consider a soft vinyl or rubber mat to lay over key areas in the room to help ease the stress of cleaning spills from carpeting.

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Vinyl or Timber flooring are also both excellent options as the surface is warm underfoot while also being a breeze to clean and maintain. You can add soft, cozy touches such as area rugs and play mats to add warmth, texture and colour to the space. Ensure you include a non-slip backing on any rug placed on a slippery surface such as a polished timber to avoid tripping.

3. Furniture

Decide on your furniture scheme and include all the necessities: a cot/cradle bassinet, a changing table, a chest of drawers for storage, a lidded waste bin and a feeding chair. Other items to consider could be a small bookshelf and toy chest for when your child is old enough to enjoy books and toys. Do keep in mind that most furniture stores these days can have lengthy lead times (with the exception of DIY type options) so don’t leave ordering your furniture to the last minute!

The gorgeously named Sparrow Cot is available in 5 different colours to help you find the perfect fit for your new nursery. Available from Zanui.

4. Storage

When selecting your furniture, keep an eye out for items with in-built storage solutions that will make your life easier. Changing tables with storage underneath are ideal, as are chairs and ottomans that include storage under the seat. Add wall shelves to the space: these will help keep things off the floor while also providing an excellent place to display your child’s treasured items. Aside from a toy chest, baskets and tubs can also be used to store toys, blankets and other miscellaneous items while also adding a further pop of colour and texture to the space.

Organise your child’s toys, teddies and treasured items with a stylish toy chest. Image Source

5. Lighting

Ensure the space is well lit and includes a source of natural light and ventilation. Include a floor lamp or table lamp, a small night-light and a stylish pendant ceiling light that will suit the style you’ve selected for the nursery. Another great idea for a Nursery is to include fairy lights that will add a touch of fantasy to your child’s space while also providing a great night light option!

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6. Decor

This is the fun part! Be imaginative and creative – select a theme (such as Zoo, Ocean, Fairies or Candy) and build your space around that. Selecting a theme will help narrow down your options and keep the style of the space consistent. Use wall decals as easy, affordable and non-permanent ways of colouring and decorating the walls. Soft furnishings such as colourful blankets, cushions and rugs can also be easily changed around whenever you grow tired of them. Display your child’s toys and books on open shelves for a great finishing touch.

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