Materials & Finishes: Akril Acrylic Panels

In our recent blog post 4 Variations of Glass Splashbacks, we mentioned Akril products as being a great substitute for traditional glass. We decided to discuss this amazing product in a little more detail!


Providing a cost effective and lightweight design solution, Akril’s Acrylic Panels are available in several different colours ranging from bright orange to pure white and even metallics!

But, what exactly is Akril? Read on to find out more about this exciting product and how you can use it in your own home.

What is Akril?

Made in Melbourne, Australia, Akril is an environmentally friendly acrylic alternative to traditional painted glass for both residential and commercial use. In fact, the material is not dissimilar to that used on your car’s headlight covers! Akril acrylic sheets come with a coloured backing and are available in a great range of varying colours and sheet sizes.

Akril’s is used as a splashback in this neutral toned kitchen. Image Source

What are the pros & cons of Akril?


  • Up to 40% cheaper than painted glass options
  • Akril is extremely lightweight
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Surface scratches can be buffed out by a professional, thus renewing the finish
  • Available in several different colours, including some metallic colours
  • Akril offers a 10 Year UV Warranty
  • Akril is a readily available ‘off the shelf’ product meaning lead times are minimal. Any required cutting is completed on site.
  • 25 times more impact resistant than glass
  • Australian made product – Akril is made in Melbourne
  • Akril is an easy to install product and can be quickly trimmed down to suit on site


  • Although a varying range of colours is available, it is not an overly large collection, limiting your choices. EDIT: Since publishing this article, we’ve been informed of new additions to Akril’s Collection featuring digitally printed images on the panel. We will be posting a new article about these beauties soon!
  • Painted glass offers a custom colour range to suit your needs – Although Akril does offer a custom colour matched product, this option is only available if ordered in large quantities – usually a commercial scale project.
  • The surface can be easily scratched
  • Joins between the sheets are visible – this is more pronounced only with certain colours.
Akril’s is used as a wall panel in this luxurious bathroom. Image Source

Where can I use Akril?

Akril can be used in the home as a kitchen splashback, as bathroom wall paneling (including on your shower walls), and even on cabinet or wardrobe doors. Ensure adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions in order to meet Australian Standards when installing Akril behind a gas cooktop. Click here to download Akril’s Installation Guide for more information.

The lightweight quality of Akril means it is safe to use as a cabinet face, as shown in this example. Image Source

Commercial uses include decorative wall paneling, custom coloured panels (service available from manufacturer depending on order quantity), custom made counter panels, etc. It can even be used as a cafe or restaurant menu board with custom printing, alternatively whiteboard markers rub right off the surface allowing you to renew your menu!

Akril used as a menu board in a Westfield Shopping Centre store. Image Source

What sheet sizes are available?

Akril comes in different sheets sizes to suit your design requirements – your Builder or Designer will assist in the selection of the most appropriate size and thickness to suit your needs. See the chart below for a guide:

*Denotes sheet size only available in 6mm thick panel

Akril is available in two thicknesses: 4mm and 6mm thick.

How much does Akril cost?

Although we do not have a square metre or per sheet rate for the product, we can at least tell you that it normally comes to around 30-40% cheaper than professionally cut and installed colour-backed glass making it a very cost effective option.

What colours & finishes are available in Akril?

Akril comes in several different colours from pure white to ivory, deep grey to bright green. Click here to view Akril’s current colour collection. Their colour collection even includes a select range of metallic colours that are perfect for adding a glamorous touch to any design!

Akril’s current colour range.

Do also note that the Frosted Finish referred to in the Akril brochure is no longer available – Akril only comes in a gloss finish.

For more information and to order a sample, click here to visit Akril’s website.

What do you think about Akril’s Acrylic panels? Share your thoughts in the comments below!