Powder Room Design Guide

When it comes to powder room design, there are several things to take into consideration including the location of the room itself within the home, its overall size, sound insulation, ventilation, what to include and of course, how to style and decorate the space.

Powder Room Location & Size

A powder room is a great addition to any home as it provides you with the luxury of keeping your family bathroom and/or ensuite private while also allowing a comfortable space for your guests to use while they visit.

Ideally, a powder room should be located far enough away from your Dining and Living areas to allow your family and your guests a comfortable “buffer zone”! If possible, also ensure your new powder room is not in full view of the living spaces or that the toilet suite is at least hidden from view. Although this is not a crucial powder room design consideration, it is extremely unattractive to be able to see the toilet while in your Living area and detracts from the appeal and style of the space, making for an unpleasant environment.

Powder room design ideas
Be considerate of the space required for a safe and comfortable powder room while also ensuring all the necessities are close at hand. Image: Pexels

Ensure your powder room meets Australian Standards in terms of size and functionality: your Designer or Architect will advise you accordingly to make sure the space meets all safety guidelines. You should keep in mind that there must be enough space for the user to comfortably open and shut the door and of course, to freely move around the space and use the facilities. There must also be adequate space in case the locked door needs to opened from the outside of the room in case of emergency.

Sound Proofing & Ventilation

Other factors to consider, especially if you have no option but to have your powder room closer to the Dining & Living areas, is sound proofing and ventilation. Ensure the Powder Room is well insulated and also includes a solid-core door for added sound protection, saving your guests the awkward embarrassment of using the facilities while the rest of the party is dining only metres away!

Powder room design ideas
If space allows, including a small hand basin and some storage space is ideal when it comes to designing a powder room. Image: Pexels

Properly ventilate the space by either natural or artificial means: if a window is not an option, consider a vented fixed skylight. A simple ceiling exhaust fan also does the trick and helps eliminate any nasty odours from entering the rest of the home.

What to include in a Powder Room Design

If space allows, your powder room design should also include a small hand basin and hand towel rail, hook or towel ring, together with a wall hung mirror. There should ideally also be a small amount of storage for items such as: soaps, air fresheners, cleaning products, spare toilet paper rolls and fresh hand towels. A small bin would also be a handy addition to the space as well as the usual accessories such as a toilet brush and extra roll holder.

Powder Room Decor & Style

Get creative with the way you decorate the space! As a powder room does not usually include a shower, there is minimal waterproofing to consider, allowing you the freedom of selecting finishes that you would normally prefer not to use in a wet area, such as textured wallpaper for example.

You also have the creative freedom of adding more luxurious bathroom fittings in your powder room design as the space dubs as a design statement in the home as well as a functional area. A luxurious hand basin for example or an ornate wall mirror would certainly create a bold visual impact in your powder room design.

Powder Room Design Ideas
A powder room design scheme allows you to get amore creative with your colours and materials as well as bathroom fittings as the space dubs as a design statement as well as a functional area of the home. Image: Pexels

Include decorative feature lighting to enhance your selected powder room design style: think modern pendant lights, sleek wall lights on either side of your mirror or even a chandelier for the ultimate luxurious touch!

Decorate the space with coordinating accessories and towels, a vase of flowers or even wall art, creating a small creative powder room design that will be welcoming and comfortable for yourself and your guests.