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A Guide to Designing the Perfect Powder Room

When planning a new home, it is important to consider the role of your Powder Room - Follow our quick guide to ensure you've covered all the bases!

A Powder Room is a great addition to any home as it provides you with the luxury of keeping your family bathroom and/or ensuite private while also allowing a comfortable space for your guests to use while they visit. It is also the perfect place to allow your creativity to shine!

When planning a new Powder Room, there are several things to take into consideration including the location, size, insulation, ventilation, what to include and how to style the space. Read on to find out how to create the perfect Powder Room for your home!

Powder Room Location & Size

Ideally, a Powder Room should be located far enough away from your Dining and Living areas to allow your family and your guests a comfortable “buffer zone”! If possible, also ensure your new Powder Room is not in full view of the living spaces or that the toilet suite is at least hidden from view when you open the door. Although this is not a crucial design consideration, it is extremely unattractive to be able to see the toilet while in your Living area and detracts from the appeal and style of the space, making for an unpleasant environment! (i.e. No one likes to see a toilet while their dining or even kicking back on the couch!)

What an incredible space this is! This Powder Room is a perfect example of using an air lock to keep the loo further away from the rest of the home. A super luxurious design that makes incredible use of different finishes, materials and patterns for a glamorous vibe! Image source

Ensure your Powder Room meets Australian Standards in terms of size and functionality: your Designer or Architect will advise you accordingly to make sure the space meets all safety guidelines. You should keep in mind that there must be enough space for the user to comfortably open and shut the door and of course, to freely move around the space and use the facilities. You must also allow provisions for the door to your Powder Room to be easily opened from the outside in case of emergency; Again, you Architect or Designer will help you meet these requirements to ensure your safety.

Sound Proofing & Ventilation

Other factors to consider, especially if you have no option but to have your Powder Room closer to the Dining & Living areas, is sound proofing and ventilation. Ensure the Powder Room is well insulated and also includes a solid-core door for added sound protection, saving your guests the awkward embarrassment of using the facilities while the rest of the party is dining just metres away! If space allows, you can create an ‘air lock’ by having the toilet and the basin in separate areas, divided by a door in between.

Properly ventilate the space by either natural or artificial means: if a window is not an option, consider a vented fixed skylight or an electric fan that will help eliminate any nasty odors!

Light, airy and tidy – This coastal inspired Powder Room features all the essentials! Image Source

What to include in a New Powder Room

If space allows, your Powder Room should also include a small hand basin and hand towel rail, together with a wall hung mirror. There should ideally also be a small amount of storage for items such as: soaps, air fresheners, cleaning products, spare toilet paper rolls, hygiene products and fresh hand towels. A small bin would also be a handy addition to the space as well as the usual accessories such as a toilet brush and extra roll holder. All these bits and pieces ensure the space is much more functional  and of course, more comfortable!

Finding storage space in a small Powder Room can be tricky! This nifty unit sits over your loo and adds a ton of space for all the bits and pieces! Make sure to check those measurements before ordering – Available online at Zanui!

It can be tricky to include storage in a small Powder Room; aside from the obvious storage solution of including a bathroom vanity with either a cupboard or drawer beneath the basin, you can make use of your wall space to add more storage. Open shelves or hidden storage behind your mirror are both excellent solutions to help you keep all the necessities close at hand. Alternatively, a small bathroom shelf caddy is a fabulous way to include further storage, perfect for extra paper rolls, hand towels, hygiene products and more!

Powder Room Decor & Style

As a Powder Room does not usually include a shower, there is minimal waterproofing to consider, allowing you the freedom of selecting finishes that you would normally prefer not to use in a wet area, such as textured wallpaper for example. The fact that the space has a simple purpose doesn’t mean it has to be boring! In fact, it’s the complete opposite – it allows you to get much more creative in the way you choose to decorate the room!

Check This Out!!! A Powder Room serves a simple function, making it the perfect place to let your creativity run wild! Image Source

A few creative ideas you should consider using include:

  • Decorative Feature Lighting: Pendant lighting hung asymmetrically over your Powder Room vanity adds a modern and luxurious touch to the space. Want to take it a step further? Why not go all out and include a chandelier!
  • A Luxurious Basin: There are so many incredible options in basins out there! From glass to crystal, timber basins to ceramic bowls with intricate hand painted designs! Again, being a Powder Room rather than a full bathroom allows you the freedom of choosing pieces that are decorative as well as functional.
  • A Decorative Mirror: Yes you can choose to use a simple medicine cabinet (it will add more storage too!) but you may also want to consider using a more decorative mirror in the space to create and air of luxury and opulence. Framed mirrors for example, are the perfect way to create instant WOW factor!
  • Accessories: Aside from the obvious accessories such as hand towels, roll holders and toilet brushes, you may also want to include more decorative pieces to add to the overall comfort level of the space. A luxurious tray arranged with your tissue box, perfumes or lotions for example, is an excellent personal touch. Small pot plants (or even hanging plants!) are a fabulous way to add natural bursts of colour to the room, as is a small selection of wall art such as scenic pictures or framed patterned prints.

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