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What is the Difference Between Vinyl Wrap and Two Pack?

Are you confused and wondering which finish is the best fit for your new home? Read on to find out more about the differences between vinyl wrap and two pack finishes.

PolytecThere is much debate on whether or not two pack finished cabinetry is actually worth the cost, especially when compared to vinyl wrap options which can offer a similar look for a better price. Read on to find out more about the differences in these two popular products and decide which is the best fit for you.

So what exactly is vinyl wrap? What is two pack? Which product is better?

Part of the confusion lies in the enormous availability of inferior quality products available on the market, giving both finishes a bad reputation! Cheaper imported products may seem cost effective however, they simply do not compare in terms of quality, durability and longevity.

What are Vinyl Wrapped Doors?

Vinyl Wrapped doors (also known as thermolaminated doors) are made from a moisture resistant MDF board coated in a decorative surface (vinyl) that goes through a vacuum process to mould the vinyl onto the door. A huge selection of colours, textures and door styles is available in vinyl wrapped doors so there is something to satisfy every design style!

polytec vinyl wrap kitchen 1
Polytec offers a vast range of colours, finishes and door styles in a vinyl wrap finish. Image Source

Cheaper versions of vinyl wrap have been known to peel away and even discolour over time. This is not the case with a quality vinyl wrap, which should last in your home for many years. Brands we recommend include: Polytec and Albador.

What is Two Pack?

Two Pack finished cabinetry refers to a paint finish comprised of a two-part solution of paint and hardener providing the same quality as that of automotive paint. There are several finishes available in two pack: high gloss, semi gloss, satin, matte and the textured Crystal-Coat finish. Two Pack offers you the freedom of selecting any custom colour, as well as the option of matching any colour you wish. Two pack finished cabinetry can be prone to chipping with excessive force (as with most products) however, it provides a high quality and easy to maintain look in any kitchen.

Two pack painted cabinets allow you the freedom of selecting any colour you could possibly imagine, as well as any sheen level. Image Source.

A cheaper two pack job will look mottled (the finish will be rough and textured like an orange peel!) whereas a quality job will show a true reflection with smooth lines; the difference is much more pronounced in the glossier finishes of two pack cabinetry.

The Key Differences & Similarities Between Two Pack & Vinyl Wrap are:

  • Two Pack is generally more expensive than Vinyl Wrap
  • Vinyl Wrap offers a select range of colours and textures whereas Two Pack allows you the freedom of selecting or matching any colour you prefer
  • Two Pack finishes (especially the semi gloss and high gloss) are usually easier to clean than vinyl surfaces
  • Two Pack finishes can chip with excessive force
  • Two Pack finished cabinetry allows you the option of replacing a single door if it is damaged later down the track – It is significantly easier to colour match the new door with your existing cabinetry than any other finish.
  • Both options are available in several finishes or sheen levels
  • Both options can be scratched
  • Both options require heat protective measures to be in place around sources of heat
  • Both options allow you to select any door profile or style you want
polytec vinyl wrap kitchen
Vinyl wrap as shown in Polytec’s example, is available in several different finishes to suit your needs and style preferences. Image Source

So, Which is Better? Two Pack or Vinyl Wrap?

In our opinion both options are great, however we do prefer two pack cabinetry in most cases. The quality of the finished product is unbeatable and will last in any home for many years to come. Two Pack offers the freedom of selecting any colour or finish you desire; another plus if you are after a specific look in your new design.

Pictured here in a white matt finish, two pack painted cabinets provide an elegant finish to your kitchen cabinetry. Image Source.

That being said, when planning your new cabinetry do make sure to request samples of each finish prior to making a final selection. Test out your samples: dirty them, clean them, scratch them, etc. and figure out which you prefer best!

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Header Image: Polytec

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