Colour Your World – Abstract Art by Melbourne Artist Emma Thomas

Emma Thomas, an Abstract Artist based in Melbourne, creates fabulous pieces that are quite literally bursting with colour! We spoke with the lovely Emma recently to find out what drives her exciting work.

Emma Thomas - Abstract Artist - Winter Chill
Winter Chill by Emma Thomas – Image Source

Soothing, tranquil and inspired, Emma Thomas’ colourful collection of abstract art draws inspiration from the world around her: tropical waters and the ocean, nature, fashion and the strong belief that beautiful art is the soul of the home.

“I’m a completely self taught artist, who started painting as a way to relax and have some time out from being a stay at home mum to my two boys. Then my friends started liking my pieces and it all just started from there. I started selling at markets, found companies who wanted to use my art in prints and started doing custom pieces for homes.” – Emma Thomas 

Offering a ready made collection as well as custom made one of a kind pieces for the home, Emma Thomas uses various materials to create her masterpieces on, from canvases to cushion covers and even decorated cheeseboards.


Experimenting with different colours and moods, Thomas mainly uses acrylic paints to bring strong emotions such as pleasure, curiosity and even darkness to life. The beauty of abstract art is the way it can speak to all of us differently: a piece that can inflict fear and loathing in one viewer can instill hope and a sense of overcoming in another and that is exactly what Thomas has so beautifully captured in her exquisite range of darker themed paintings.

Emma Thomas - Abstract Artist - Planet
Planet Earth by Emma Thomas – Image Source

In contrast to the darker series, other pieces display vibrant hues and swirling patterns recalling sunshine, fun and nature – a collection that is the perfect compliment to any beachside home or creative retreat.

Emma Thomas - Abstract Artist - Roses
Rosie Roses by Emma Thomas – Image Source

Thomas paints using acrylics and loves experimenting with different colour combinations, often creating a magical or ‘cosmic’ appearance.“I never have a set plan of how it’s going to look and I love seeing the unpredictable end results,” she says.

We do look forward to seeing much more from this amazing Melbourne Artist! Thank you Emma Thomas for allowing us the use of your amazing images!

To find out more and shop online, click here to visit Emma’s website.