Kitchen Renovation Costs in Australia: How to Stick to your Budget

With the introduction of more sophisticated and durable materials in the world of kitchen design, there has been a steady increase in the overall costs of renovating or building a brand new kitchen. Today, we’ll be exploring the costs of a kitchen renovation and how you can SAVE in the process to make sure your budget stays on track.

The average kitchen renovation cost in Australia can vary greatly depending on the specific materials, finishes and appliances selected.

As a general guide to average kitchen renovation costs in Australia, you can expect to pay up to $25-$30,000 for a budget friendly kitchen renovation, $35-$50,000 for a mid range renovation and upwards of $50,000 for a luxury kitchen renovation.

The best way to keep kitchen renovation costs in check is to spend time carefully planning out the project to avoid any surprises when it comes time for seeking renovation quotes. Your Kitchen Designer will guide you through the process, making recommendations for the best quality materials and finishes that will sit within the limits of your renovation budget.

Set a Budget for your Kitchen Renovation

Setting yourself a realistic kitchen renovation budget right at the very start of your project is the best way to ensure all of your decisions during the design process will be realistic choices. By determining a figure you are happy to spend on a new kitchen right from the get-go, you can then investigate kitchen design options that will comfortably sit within your budget. The cost difference between the many various kitchen design materials can be in the thousands so setting a realistic figure for yourself to work with is the very best way to stay on track during the kitchen design process.

Kitchen Renovation Costs_Laminate Kitchen Cabinets
A luxury kitchen design and renovation can cost upwards of $50,000 in Australia. Your kitchen designer will go over the many different kitchen colours and materials available to help you stay on track throughout the process. Image: Laminex

Needs vs. Wants in a Kitchen Design

Think about the way you and your family use your kitchen: do you do a lot of baking? A quality oven may be a must have item in that case! Entertain a lot? Perhaps the added work space of a Butler’s Pantry is what you need! What are the items you simply cannot do without? List out the key kitchen design features and materials you are simply not wanting to compromise on to make sure these items are included in your project and are accommodated for in your budget. Ultimately, these are the items you may be spending a bit of extra money on while other areas can be dialled back in order to help balance out costs.

Use a Kitchen Designer

Although we may be a little biased here (!), it is worth pointing out that the value added to your kitchen renovation project by a qualified and experienced kitchen designer is the very best way to keep your project on track in terms of budget while also allowing you the option of exploring a world of creative possibilities. Your designer will present you with all of the latest kitchen design solutions that will fit your needs, lifestyle and budget to help you create the most effective and comfortable solution for your home.

All Black Kitchen Design_Kitchen Renovation Costs
When creating a new kitchen design scheme, consider which features are your must-haves and which you would be willing to compromise on if it means keeping your renovation budget in check.

Kitchen Renovation Costs & Bargain Hunting

Don’t we all just love a good bargain! Spend time visiting sales and seconds warehouses; checkout discount stone suppliers who offer discontinued or excess stock (such as Cheapest Stone Benchtops Melbourne) and see what you can save. You’d be surprised at just how much you can save on your kitchen renovation budget by taking the time to research and explore your options. Your kitchen designer will also be of immense value here; they will be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to keeping the overall project on track in terms of budget by recommending products and materials that will meet your needs at a cost you are happy with.

Be Decisive!

Avoid changing your mind once construction has commenced as this can lead to costly variations in your renovation and may potentially lead to an increased renovation time due to various lead times and having to reschedule trades. By a certain point, you should have all decisions made and try not to second guess yourself or overthink your decisions – trust your gut instincts!