Timber Kitchen Cabinets for Every Budget

Timber has long been a classic finish in any kitchen, from the solid timber cabinets we all know and love to stunning timber feature cabinetry paired with a variety of finishes for maximum effect. Today we’re taking a look at a few different ways of incorporating timber in your new kitchen that will suit every budget!

Timber Kitchen Cabinets for Every Budget by Diamond Interiors_image courtesy of Laminex Australia
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In order of least to most expensive, the following options can all be used to introduce the warmth and texture of natural timber in your new kitchen.

Laminate ($)

Paired with crisp white and sleek, glossy black, the warm timber laminate featured in this kitchen creates the perfect balance of rustic and modern in this trendy kitchen. Image Source

Laminate cabinetry has come a very long way from its initial introduction. Laminates are now stronger and significantly more durable than ever before (find out more about laminates here) and are also available in an astonishing amount of colours, textures and finishes including a very realistic timber finish. Laminex’s Impressions range for example, includes honey, bleached and dark timber-look laminates that provide the warmth and texture of natural timber. They are very easy to keep clean and do wear exceptionally well! Laminates offer an extremely cost effective alternative to natural timber and are suitable for all areas of the home.

Vinyl Wrap ($$)

A contemporary kitchen using Polytec’s quality vinyl wrap to introduce the texture of a natural timber. Image Source

Quality vinyl wrapped doors are another cost effective alternative to natural timber. Polytec’s timber-look vinyl wrapped doors are available in decorative profiled styles (as pictured in the example above) to suit all different kitchen styles, something that is not achievable using a laminate. The final product is a smooth or textured timber-look vinyl door that creates a modern feel in your kitchen. We highly recommend Polytec’s vinyl wraps as in our experience, we have not had any issues with peeling or fading colours. Click here to find out more about vinyl wrap.

Timber Veneer ($$$)

Timber Veneer Kitchen
A luxurious kitchen by The Kitchen Design Centre using Slice Veneer’s stunning range of timber products. Image Source

Timber veneer cabinetry includes a slice of real timber applied to water resistant MDF boards that can be ordered pre-finished. As with all natural products, timber veneer doors can vary from product samples in colour, texture and pattern, allowing a much more realistic timber finish when compared to laminates and veneers. Brand to checkout include Slice Veneers and George Fethers.

Solid Timber ($$$$)

Image result for solid timber kitchen
A custom solid timber kitchen is a classic look that suits a traditional or country style home. Image Source

Solid timber is of course, the priciest option in this list. You have the freedom of selecting from different species and cuts of timber, as well as doors featuring profiled styles to complete your look. Solid timber doors do lend themselves extremely well to classic and country styled kitchen but can also transition well to more modern looks when paired with different finishes (such as concrete for example). Once again, natural timber will always be different in colour, texture and pattern from the original sample.

Have you used any of these forms of timber in your home? Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments below!