New from Caesarstone: Rugged Concrete

Caesarstone has recently introduced a new colour to their already fabulous range of concrete-look engineered stone surfaces: Rugged Concrete. Read on to find out more about this beautiful stone and how you can make it work in your home.

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A spectacular simulation of a weathered concrete benchtop, Caesarstone’s Rugged Concrete introduces the tactile texture and stunning palette variation present in a traditional concrete benchtop, at just a fraction of the cost. Aside from the attractive price, a Caesarstone benchtop also presents the added bonus of not requiring regular sealing over the years, promising a lifetime of use.

Rugged Concrete™ 4033
An absolutely stunning feature, Caesarstone’s Rugged Concrete certainly makes a statement! We would recommend pairing this stunning stone with warm timber finishes, deep charcoal or black cabinetry, with metallic highlights introduced in your hardware and accessories to brighten the space and allow light to travel. Click here to view Caesarstone’s Gallery.

This stone features a textured surface, working wonders in concealing a bit of mess and disguising fingerprints – we are very fond of any surface that does not require constant polishing! A quick wipe down with Caesarstone’s cleaning wipes should do the trick and help keep your new Caesarstone benchtop looking fresh and clean.

With the authentic look of a hand poured concrete, Rugged Concrete suits many styles of home, from a sleek industrial loft to a modern rustic scheme. As with all patterned stone benchtops, we highly recommend visiting your local Caesarstone showroom to view the slab in its entirety prior to making your final selection as this will allow you a better understanding of the stone’s true variations in colour and pattern.

As always, we look forward to seeing more new colours available from Caesarstone!


7 thoughts on “New from Caesarstone: Rugged Concrete

  1. I’ve found 2 videos that give you a glimpse of Caesarstone’s manufacturing processes – Although they’re not overly in depth, they do make it a little clearer!

    The Caesarstone Manufacturing Process:

    Caesarstone Introducing Rugged Concrete:

    Hope these help! Your question has actually inspired a new blog post idea! Keep an eye out on your email inbox next week! 🙂

  2. sir great work…Is it the matte/honed finish making with brushes??? What is the gloss..IT IS SIMPLY SUPERB…

    1. Hi P. Bheemesh! Thank you for your comment and for following! In this case, the finish isn’t achieved with brushwork – Have a look at Caesarstone’s manufacturing videos on YouTube to see exactly how each finish is created. Just incredible!

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