how to wash towels

Surprisingly enough, there is a right way to wash and dry your towels to ensure that they do in fact, last you for a very, very long time… You’ll be sure to keep your towels in tip-top condition for years to come with our quick tips for caring for your towels!

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  • Always wash your bathroom towels or kitchen tea towels immediately after purchasing. This will wash away any silicone present in the towels, making sure your towels stay absorbent and fluffy throughout their lifetime.
  • Try to wash your similar coloured towels together in the same load rather than mixed in with your clothes. On that note, also make sure to wash your white towels separately to avoid any gradual discoloration over time.
  • Minimise your use of fabric softener when washing your towels (every fourth wash should be adequate). Fabric softeners can often create a waxy build up on your towels and eventually even cause damage or tears in the fabric.
  • Never tumble dry your towels! Again, this can cause damage to the fabric and loosen the seams. Always air dry your towels to make them last longer and trust me, you will definitely notice a difference!
  • Upon removing your towels from the washer, give them a bit of a shake (a bit of ‘flouffing’ as I like to call it!) to help fluff them out again. Washing can cause the terry loops in your towels to squash down so they will need some help to bring back their bounce!
  • Once in a while, perhaps every third or fourth wash, add about 1/2 a cup of vinegar to your towel load. This will help in removing any smells (such as mildew) and also help in keeping your coloured towels looking vibrant.
How to wash towels
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