The 6 Golden Rules of Kitchen Design

Designing the kitchen of your dreams is a very exciting process – selecting your beautiful new appliances, getting creative with your colour scheme and finally, seeing your design come to life. It can be a little tricky getting all the bits and pieces to work together how you would like them to and that’s where we come in! Our 6 Golden Rules of Kitchen Design will help you on your journey to creating that spectacular kitchen of your dreams!

The 6 Golden Rules of Kitchen Design_Blog by Diamond Interiors
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RULE #1: Plan Your Zones

The very best way to start on your new kitchen design is to plan, plan, plan! Look at your existing kitchen: Is everything in a convenient spot for you? Does it work the way you want it to? What works and what doesn’t? Take note of the way your existing kitchen is planned and have a look at the way it functions: How long does it take you to complete simple daily tasks (such as making a cup of coffee) and could this process be made more efficient. Figure out the most functional layout for your kitchen by creating a diagram. This will be your jumping off point!

The long standing principle of working with a ‘Kitchen Triangle’ is one of the best approaches to creating a highly functional kitchen. Image Source

RULE #2: Plan Your Storage

Hafele’s fabulous Comfort Pull Out unit is an excellent solution to storing your spices & oils within arms reach while cooking. Image Source

A very common issue we find with most of our clients is a lack of storage space in their existing kitchen. More often than not, not only is there a lack of storage space but there is a lack of USABLE storage space, meaning that although there may be a cupboard to put things into, it is either in an inconvenient spot or it is not as functional as it could be. Corner cupboards are a classic example of this sort of situation: Items stored at the far back become unreachable without having to pull EVERYTHING out first! There are so many amazing storage solutions available from quality kitchen hardware manufacturers such as Blum and Hafele that will solve these issues in your new kitchen design – definitely worth taking a look to see which kitchen organisational tools can be best used in your home to help solve your storage woes! When creating your new design, also take the time to consider exactly where you would ideally like to store everything you need and accommodate for this in your new design; Click here to download our super handy Kitchen Storage Checklist.

RULE #3: Safety First

The kitchen can be an absolute disaster zone if not planned efficiently. Once you’ve created a plan of your space, look for any potential safety concerns: are appliance doors opening out into a walkway? If so, can this be avoided? Do you have or are planning on having children? In this case, designate areas where items such as knives, glasses, cleaners, etc. can be safely stored away from tiny hands. Of course, there are child locks and gadgets available too if this is something that cannot be integrated in the design. Your designer will also assist you in ensuring your design meets with Australian Standards in terms of clearances between cooktops and splashbacks, ensuring appropriate materials are used to maximise safety, as well as checking sizing and dimensions for safety and comfort.

Visit Blum’s Inspiration Boulevard for some amazing and of course, practical solutions for around the home.

RULE #4: Size Matters

Get your mind out of the gutter… Think about the size of your current appliances and fittings. This includes your oven, stove, fridge, sink and dishwasher. Are they working well for you or could you use a little more or even a little less space? We have so many size options available, from the standard 60cm cooktops to the larger 900cm wide cooktops and of course, a range of options in between! We have dishwashers at a standard 60cm, and then we have 45cm wide dishwashers and even half height drawer dishwashers to suit every lifestyle. Consider which sizes and styles would suit you best and make sure to include these dimensions in your plan.

RULE #5: Light the Way

Lighting is unfortunately very often overlooked in the kitchen. A simple central lighting fixture will always cast a shadow when you are working at your benchtop so it is crucial that you include task lighting to light up your workspace. Consider including LED light strips beneath your overhead cabinets, track lighting that you can manipulate to focus on key work zones and even lighting inside your pantry to ensure a more comfortable working kitchen.

Make a statement in your kitchen by complimenting your task and cabinetry lighting with feature pendants. These funky pendants are available in a huge variety of colours to suit any style! Visit Go Lights for more info.

RULE #6: Colours & Finishes

And now we come to the fun part! Selecting your finishes and colours can be overwhelming, after all we truly are spoiled for choice! Consider your needs and what types of products will work best for you and your lifestyle. Always in a rush in the kitchen? Perhaps a porcelain benchtop is the right fit for you: it will not only withstand the super hot temperatures of trays straight from the oven but will also be incredibly easy to keep clean! Click here to read our guide on Porcelain Kitchen Benchtops for more information.

The modern combination of materials featured in this kitchen creates a stunning visual in this space. Image Source

BONUS RULE: Always Hire a Pro!

Designing your new kitchen is a fun and exciting task where you have the opportunity to truly tailor it to your personal needs and lifestyle. A qualified Interior Designer will assist you in creating the perfect space and ensure optimum safety, comfort and style!

Hiring a professional Interior Designer will ensure your design meets Australian Standards, that you benefit from their years of knowledge and experience, as well as ensuring the creation of consistent documentation. A complete set of documentation (inclusive of floorplan, elevations, specifications, etc) will ensure that all the Builders quoting on your design are actually quoting the same thing rather than having to rely on making allowances for items (which can in turn lead to variations in your quoted price later on down the track!)

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