Walk in Pantry Designs to Envy!

A walk in pantry can be a fantastic asset to your kitchen: extra storage, more counter space and a great way to hide a mess in a pinch! These incredible walk in pantry designs showcase some amazing ways you can utilize and organize your kitchen butler’s pantry to suit your needs.

What is a Walk in Pantry used for?

A walk in pantry can be used for any number of things; There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to designing a walk in pantry as this space is essentially a flexible additional area for your main kitchen that can be used in whichever way you need it to, whether you need to add extra cooking or preparation space to your main kitchen or simply some additional storage.

Walk in Pantry_Clark & Co Homes
A luxurious Hamptons style butler’s pantry, this elegant design by Clark & Co Homes combines classic and timeless features with modern luxuries, creating a highly functional yet beautiful space.

A walk in pantry serves many functions in the home. This space is essentially a tucked away, private kitchen and can be used as additional storage space for your main kitchen (basically, a pantry!). The additional kitchen bench included in a walk in pantry will also serve as a bonus; small appliances can be housed on this benchtop rather than taking up precious space in your main kitchen while also offering you extra working or preparation space.

What Should be in a Butler’s Pantry?

This is entirely up to you! Depending on how you expect to use your butler’s pantry, you have the option of including a range of different kitchen design solutions. If you are simply needing additional storage then arranging open shelves, cupboards, drawers and a kitchen benchtop in your walk in pantry would be an excellent design solution. If you are hoping to use the space as a small kitchen, selecting a range of specific appliances to include in your walk in pantry design scheme is your next step. It is important to note that you will need to ensure there is enough space not only to install your selected appliances or fittings but also to be able to comfortably use them.

Walk in Pantry_Simplicity in the South
An incredible example of a narrow butler’s pantry design by Simplicity in the South, this space includes a range of useful, unique and functional elements. From the wonderful herb garden in front off the window to the added bench space, kitchen storage and a home organisation wall, this layout makes the absolute most of the available space!
A popular kitchen design solution, a pantry walk through cabinet is a great way to disguise your butler’s pantry. The room is situated behind what appears to be a tall kitchen cupboard, blending in seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen. Design by: Diamond Cabinets

A well designed butler’s pantry or walk in will provide you with additional kitchen space, whether this means additional space for kitchen appliances, storage for food items or kitchen necessities such as pots and pans or additional bench space. These exciting examples show just how much you can include in this space, from kitchen herb gardens to command centres and plenty more!