5 Fabulous Tiny Kitchens

Having a tiny kitchen doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style! These fab tiny kitchens showcase five very different design styles, proving that you can create a tiny kitchen that is not only beautiful but also highly versatile and functional. We explore a range of different designs that make excellent use of a smaller space while still showcasing a unique and individual style.

Tiny Kitchens: A Country Style Kitchen

Tiny Kitchens_Small Country Kitchen Design Ideas
Creative storage solutions are an all important element of any tiny kitchen design scheme; this small kitchen makes the most of every available nook and cranny! Image

This gorgeous little Country Style Kitchen includes all the luxuries: A smooth timber benchtop, an island with bar seating and an enormous amount of storage. We love the vintage details such as the brass mixer, matching round sink and gorgeous cabinet pulls, as well as the country style accessories scattered throughout the space, creating a sense of warmth and old world charm.

Vintage Industrial Kitchen

Tiny Kitchens
A versatile kitchen design, this small space borrows natural light from the adjoining bedroom, brightening up the darker cabinetry tones to create a light filled space – An excellent technique to make a dark kitchen colour scheme work in small quarters! Image

This beautifully designed galley style kitchen borders the path to this tiny apartment’s bedroom. Internal windows are a clever solution to borrow natural light from another space’s window, effectively brightening up the darker colour scheme seen in the kitchen cabinetry. Further offsetting the dark palette of this design is the soft sheen of the white painted floor, effectively allowing light to travel and bounce around the space to create a very well balanced look.

Scandinavian Kitchen Design

Scandinavian Kitchen Design
Sleek, modern and warm, this Scandinavian styled tiny kitchen includes a selection of rich and earthy features with the timber benchtops reflecting the timber flooring. The small space is accented with lush greenery and colour coordinated accessories to complete the look. Image

A gorgeous Scandinavian styled tiny kitchen, this design squeezes it all in: a large cooker, full size dishwasher and even a double sink! Packing huge amounts of storage, everything has been carefully planned out: the walls have been used for open shelving, tall cabinets and overhead storage and the design still allows for plenty of functional bench space for prep work. We love the use of timber in the space, from the warm satin timber floors, earthy benchtop and the stunning vaulted ceiling. Absolutely beautiful!

Transitional Kitchen

Blue Kitchen Design
A stunning combination of high-end materials creates a luxe vibe in this fabulous transitional kitchen design scheme! Timeless blue kitchen cabinets are paired with a luxurious marble benchtop to create a refined and sophisticated aesthetic. Image

Soft teal shaker style cabinetry, sleek marble benchtops and a luxuriously tactile wallpaper = WOW! We are loving the luxurious look achieved in this beautiful Transitional Kitchen. Period details such as the farmhouse sink, period style tapware and vintage accessories inject the space with warmth and charm, while the deep teal colour palette and high end appliances push the design into the 21st century.

Tiny Kitchens: A Contemporary Kitchen Design

Modern Tiny Kitchens
Sleek, modern and filled with light, this contemporary kitchen design scheme exudes confidence and futuristic elegance. Image

Sleek and clean, this kitchen is the epitome of Modern/Contemporary Design. Every available space has been used to maximise storage, from the deep drawers, tall cabinets and impressive amount of overhead storage – a clearly well planned out design! A bold, marble benchtop with matching splashback and waterfall end injects drama and opulence to the otherwise minimal design, adding depth and character to this tiny kitchen.

5 Fabulous Tiny Kitchens by Diamond Interiors
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