Samantha Parker London: Creativity, Colour & Style!

I stumbled across the lovely Samantha Parker on Pinterest and immediately commenced ‘fan-girling’ all over her… A self taught Surface Designer, her delightfully colourful creations range from brightly printed cushion covers, funky stationery and fabulous wall art. Read on to find out more about Samantha and her incredible work!

Samantha Parker London Portrait

A London based Surface Designer, Samantha Parker’s collections are vibrant, energetic and full of colour. Her products are all lovingly made of only the finest recycled or sustainable sourced materials with each exquisite piece presenting an absolute delight for the senses!

We recently caught up with this exciting designer for a quick Q&A – We discussed her brand’s beginnings, her inspirations and methods and of course, what we can expect to see next from this exciting brand.

Lemuridae Cushion Samantha Parker
Full of life and just a touch of quirkiness, the bold design of Lemuridae Cushion is the perfect fit for a colourful lounge.

Tell us how you started your brand, Samantha Parker London?

My business came about naturally as I finished a freelancing contract that didn’t work out; out of frustration, I decided to bring my long-term goal of owning my own business forward a year or so. I pulled back old artwork from studios and unused prints; this is the point where I started to form the foundations of my brand and have successfully continued to build it ever since.

Samantha now runs a successful online store selling her own creations: Cushions, notebooks, cosmetic pouches and much, much more, each piece printed in one of her own unique and stylish designs – a delightful showcase of her talents! Visit her website here.

A most impressive fun fact about you is that you are a completely self taught Surface Designer! What was a challenge you faced throughout your journey?

As a self-taught Surface Designer I have found one of the most challenging parts of the process has been developing my own handwriting. For the last 2 years I have dedicated a lot of time working this out.

Bone Feather Shell Greeting Card Samantha Parker London
Looks like all that hard work has paid off!

Your work is so vibrant and full of life – Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I find inspiration everywhere: on social media platforms, vintage botanical prints, walks around London and even in my 2 year old sons doodles! I don’t use them but I probably should, he’s a better artist than me!

What is your favourite medium to work with?

All my artwork is painted with Gouache which many surface designers will tell you is the best medium to work with. I also can’t forget to mention the most simplest of all, the pencil: My favourite tool!

Tropical Bird Notebook
Samantha’s gorgeous range of colourful notebooks make the perfect gift for friends or for yourself!

What gets you motivated when you’re working in the studio?

Music is an integral part of designing for me. It’s a tool I use to get me through parts that are particularly difficult or even sometimes mundane. I find Minimal Techno or Krautrock good for cleaning up artwork. It powers you through any dips you may come across.

I also love Soul, which I find good for background music. You will often hear Ann Peebles playing during my work hours. Brainstorming sessions usually consist of Nils Fran, synthwave or film scores. I’m actually about to write a blog post about music that I design to, so stay tuned!

Samantha Parker London Home Office
Where the magic happens! Checkout Samantha’s Instagram page for more behind the scenes peaks!

What are your plans for the future of Samantha Parker London?

I would love to collaborate with other designers in the not-too-distant future and perhaps later on, once my business has expanded, I would love to see my designs being sold in major retailers or even in smaller independent boutiques, depending on which is the right fit for my style.

Large 'Three Heron' Cosmetic bag
An incredibly versatile little pouch – use it as a pencil case, a cosmetic bag or handbag organiser! The Three Heron Cosmetic Bag features a stunning print and just take a look at that lining!

Can you give us a bit of a teaser of your next collection?

My mind is always working on my next big idea! I am feeling a strong sea theme at the moment; sea green with a shining shimmer through it!
A big thank you to our dear new friend Samantha for allowing us a snapshot behind the scenes of her fabulous brand! Make sure to check out her website here!