Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Grown Ups

I absolutely LOVE Christmas! I love the movies, the music, the cookies, SANTA – All of it! One day when we have little ones, I would love to make a family tradition of preparing awesome Christmas Eve boxes for everyone, but for now, a Christmas Eve Box for grown ups will have to do!

Last year, I went a little over the top with our Christmas Eve Boxes; It was a very, very last minute idea! In a Christmas sugar cookie fueled panic, I made a manic rush over to Kmart where I proceeded to fill up my basket with anything remotely Christmas related I could get my hands on: DVDs, books, lollies, an assortment of flavoured hot chocolates (each flavour tasting only slightly better and less watery than the next) and of course, the Christmas pajamas.

Running to the counter, I realised I had forgotten the most important part of my Christmas Eve Box – The Box.

I didn’t find awesome Christmas boxes that met my horrendously high standards so I settled on a giant Santa Sack for each of us. On the plus side, I do use said sacks to store the tree and ornaments now so hey, that worked out for the best!

This year, I’ve made it my mission to be just a little more organised and make ACTUAL boxes, along with making some better decisions as to what would be more suitable for Christmas Eve boxes for a Grown Up. I was on the right track but only slightly missed the mark last year, so here goes!

Ideas for a Christmas Eve Box for Grown Ups:

  • Super tacky Christmas t-shirts or pajamas
  • Hot Cocoa Mix: For hot or iced chocolates
  • Can of Whipped Cream: For the hot or iced chocolates
  • Marshmallows: Also for the hot or iced chocolates
  • Christmas themed mugs or glasses
  • A box of chocolates
  • A Scented Christmas Candle
  • Why I Love You – A Journal of us: This is a gorgeous gift for couples! The book is designed for one partner to fill in and gift to the other. I’ve started filling it in and plan to complete it with my husband. There are spaces to paste in your favourite photos together, as well as pages and pages of questions and writing prompts to help you create the story of your relationship! Check it out on Bookworld.
  • Make Your Own Snowglobe or Christmas Ornament Kit: This would make a great keepsake that can be included in Christmas decorating for years to come.
  • Christmas DVD and novels
  • A diary, planner or wall calendar for the new year
  • Movie watching junk food!

So with my awesome list of grown-up Christmas ideas handy, hubby and I headed to the shops.

And ended up with this:

adult christmas eve box
It seems we decided on diabetes for Christmas Eve…