Home Organising Tips: 12 Ways to save time, money & get your home ORGANISED!

In the new year, our social media feeds are flooded with articles on How to Get Organised, How to Stick to Your Goals, How to Plan Your Freezer, Organise Your Pantry etc… Yes, this is yet another one of those articles but it is also one that (I hope) is just a little more realistic and practical than ‘Let’s all go climb Everest in 2018 and Then we’ll Colour Coordinate Our Pantries’.

The following are a few tips (read: Pearls of Wisdom) that have helped me immensely in my day to day life: Simple ways I’ve made looking after things around the home just that little bit easier while we all rush around being incredibly busy 24/7.

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See, I strongly believe that our homes should be ENJOYED rather than constantly MAINTAINED. Where’s the fun in that? Why waste your free days running around with a mop and a duster?

Now, I do not promise that these tips will completely revolutionise the way you organise your home, nor will these bits and pieces change your life completely. But, if something does help in making your life just that little bit easier then I would consider it a job very well done.

  1. Eliminate ALL Clutter: The best way to get your home organised and keep it that way is to get rid of any unnecessary items that are lying around. Spend a day going through your kitchen, bathroom and other key areas of your home; have some boxes handy for your Trash it, Store it, Donate it and Sell it piles; Yes that’s right, Sell it! Earn yourself some extra pocket money by selling off those fancy lotions you never opened or those spiffy jeans you’ve only worn once… It’s infinitely easier to maintain a home when there’s less junk lying around!
  2. Organise your Drawers & Closets: Drawers and closets have a nasty habit of morphing into dreaded Junk Drawers and overstuffed closets when no one is looking; take a minute to go through them all and sort everything out, once again, eliminating clutter and making your life that much easier. Make use of drawer organisers – Kmart has a fabulous range of bamboo trays in a range of sizes to suit your needs. You could also consider adding extra shelves or plastic drawers (again from Kmart – gotta love Kmart!) into your closets to add compact storage for smaller stuff – Suddenly, your’re storage space has doubled!
  3. Hack your Storage: As mentioned above, drawer and closet organisers are a GREAT help – Checkout Buzzfeed’s 42 Brilliant Ways to Binge Organise Your Home for more inspiration around the house. There are some incredible (and simple!) solutions here to help keep the clutter at bay as well as making everyday tasks just a little bit easier.
  4. Create a Home Planning Folder: Make yourself a folder to keep all the important things in: bills, meal plans, emergency contacts, favourite recipes, warranty documents, takeout menus, whatever you need to keep handy. Checkout The Organized Home for a complete list of FREE downloadable planner printables to help get your started.
  5. Do stuff while you wait for other stuff: Basically, while you wait for the microwave, unload your dishwasher. While you wait for the clothes dryer, start cooking dinner. Waiting for the kettle to boil? SQUATS. I even squeeze in a quick aerobics routine while I’m cooking! I recently reviewed Rachel Hoffman’s ‘Unf*ck Your Habitat’ – A comedic guidebook about home and self organisation. I found myself thinking “Well multi-tasking is really nothing new” then I realised, I don’t actually multi-task. I used to just stand there and stare at the kettle as it boiled… But not anymore. Rachel’s tips (such as doing stuff while you wait for the other stuff to happen) were actually just the kick in the butt I needed! Un-f*cking-believable.

    A FUN self help book? Whodda thought?! Read our review here and buy your copy here.
  6. Low Maintenance is Key: In the market for new furniture and decor this year? Pay close attention to the material, colour and finish of your new pieces. Avoid any ‘hyper glossy, always needs to be cleaned and polished’ items to help make your life easier when cleaning your home. This will minimise the amount of time and effort you need to keep the house looking spotless.
  7. Set a Routine: If you don’t already have your own daily or weekly routine for the home, make yourself a list and stick to it! Change the bed sheets every Sunday, for example – It’s always nice to start the week off in freshly cleaned goodness! It’s all the little things…
  8. Buy in BULK: I love nothing more than finding an amazing deal on something and stocking up! Best for non-perishable goods (for obvious reasons), buying in bulk is an excellent way to avoid those annoying dashes to the grocery store for toilet paper when you thought you had some so didn’t buy any during your last shopping trip. Save a little money while keeping your home super organised!
  9. Eggs & Pastry: Yes, this seems a little out of place but just hear me out. Having eggs and/or sheets of frozen puff pastry on hand is an EXCELLENT way to recycle your leftovers! Leftover veggies? Boom – make a quiche! Leftover SLOW COOKED meat (see next item on list) and BAM, meat pies! Both of these dishes freeze well and can be whipped out at a moment’s notice for a quick, home cooked dinner or snack. Organised and super thrifty!
  10. Other Frozen Meals: There are many dishes that freeze well such as pastries, lasagnas, meats, and much more. Spend some time every fortnight preparing meals for the freezer. Use freezer bags or freezer proof tupperware to portion out each meal and there you go: You just organised dinners for the next couple of weeks and best of all, you’re still having a home cooked, healthy meal and saving a bit of dough while you’re at it!
  11. Get yourself a Slow Cooker: Slow cookers are the busy bee’s best friend! I use my Breville Slow Cooker a few times a week – It’s perfect for melt in your mouth slow cooked meats, scrumptious vegetables and SO MUCH MORE. The ultimate in ‘set it and forget it’ cooking, slow cookers are incredibly safe to leave on while you’re at work; imagine coming home to a freshly cooked meal – Heaven! Healthy dinners without the hassle after a long day at work. Checkout Stephanie O’Dea’s amazing slow cooker cookbook: 365 Slow Cooker Suppers for more inspiration!
  12. Antibacterial Wipes: This is important. Keep packets of antibacterial surface wipes around the house – in the kitchen, the laundry, the bathroom and toilet. EVERYWHERE. Next time you’re in the loo – clean it. Spilled sugar on the kitchen counter? Grab a wipe! Quick access to cleaning supplies will simply make things easier for you around the house

So these are my tips for a few simple ways to get organised and also save a bit of cash around the home – I’d love to hear some of your ideas! Share your own home organisation or money saving tips in the comments below! 🙂


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